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Wesley and Angel stroll down the hall of an apartment building, looking for a bookie to whom Merl owed money. Angel asks whether the bookie was a demon or a human, and Wesley isn't sure. They find the apartment, and Angel decides to find out by kicking down the door and storming inside. Actually, that would tell them whether the resident was a demon or dead. Or, as it turns out in this case, both. Once again, there's green goo all over the smashed furniture. Angel says that, when they find whatever is killing the demons, they'll need Gunn for help. They agree that whatever is responsible is big, powerful, and pissed off.

We cut to the sewer tunnels, where we hear a slurpy inhuman noise as a bulky creature shambles into the frame. I'm distracted when my new Misdirection-Based-Comedy Alarm suddenly goes off. That thing is loud. I usually pull the batteries out before watching Angel. A light abruptly illuminates the large, green, bumpy demon, who turns around. It turns out to have a face like Yoda, and the creepy noise is a result of the non-product-placed giant cup o' soda it's slurping. It looks back toward the light and nervously lisps, "Hello? Who's there, please?" A bunch of silhouetted guys suddenly rush down the tunnel. The demon drops its cup and tries to run, but is caught at a dead end. Where the heck was it going if the tunnel ends in a grating? We get blipverty flashes of senseless violence, and blood splashes onto the dropped plastic cup. That was a bit much. For the benefit of the one person in the audience who really didn't have a clue as to who was killing demons, we suddenly focus on Gio, holding his crossbow. Someone calls, "Smoke him, Gio!" Gio shoots. I miss the white-knuckle tension of "Sense & Sensitivity."

Wesley is diligently bagging evidence at the bookie's apartment. When did this become C.S.I.? He uses tweezers to pull a broken arrowhead out of the wall, and bags it. Gunn strolls in and says he got their page, then asks where Angel is. Wesley says that Angel is checking something, and starts to give Gunn the details about the victim. Gunn wipes up a bit of goo and confirms that the bookie was a demon. He asks, "Who are we supposed to be working for, anyway? Did the Powers send us here? Did Cordy get a vision?" Wesley admits that TPTB don't seem to be concerned about the matter, but adds, "Things are not always so simple as [sic] just going out and slaying the big bad ugly. There are, in this world, shades of gray." Gunn snaps, "What I don't get is why we are suddenly playing clean-up crew to a bunch of low-life demons!" Wesley says that they found six other victims during the commercial break. Efficient work. Oh, fine, it's the next day now. Let me have my fun. Gunn says, "So we find this killing machine. What then? We gonna stop it, or thank it?" Wesley, dumbfounded as usual, replies, "I don't know." Wesley says that the bookie was "fully assimilated, no history of violence, no threat to anyone." He goes on to say that at least two of the other victims were "irredeemably evil," and concludes that whatever is responsible for the murders isn't looking for bad guys to kill, it's just attacking demons at random. Angel arrives to report that "A Yarbnie was eviscerated in the sewer near Century City." That's almost a tongue-twister. I bet there are some good outtakes because of that line. Meanwhile, Gunn notices the bagged arrowhead in a pile of evidence, and picks it up. Wesley rushes to make notes, and tells Gunn that Yarbnie demons are "utterly nonviolent." Angel lurks in the doorway, and I thought for sure that he'd noticed Gunn pocketing the arrowhead, but apparently not. Gunn not-at-all- suspiciously gets up and casually suggests that he should see whether there's any word about the attacks on the street.

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