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At Caritas, Fred is singing "Crazy" while Wesley, Cordy, Cary, and the usual gang of demons look on. Cordy grins and tells Wesley, "I swear to God, she picked out the song herself." Gunn enters the place, spots Fred, and smiles. Then he sees Wesley and Cordy, and stops smiling. Wasn't he looking for Wesley? Okay, he's nervous, fine. He turns to face the bar and runs into Cary. Gunn doesn't want Cary to read his mind, or aura, or whatever it is that Cary does when he sometimes needs people to sing and sometimes he doesn't, and no matter how many times I rewrite this sentence it keeps running away from me, sorry. Um. Gunn tells Cary not to do what Cary's doing. Cary keeps right on staring. Maybe it's not the mind-reading -- maybe Gunn just doesn't like being stared at. I can understand that. Cary finally says, "I wouldn't, but sweetie, you're a billboard." Gunn turns to face Wesley, and Cary says, "[Wesley] came in tonight with some questions. Looks to me like you've got the answers." Now, if you decide that Cary's just a good reader of body language and knows when to bluff, this scene is a lot cooler. After all, Cary never says anything specific about Gunn's problem. I'd like to think that's intentional, because I really wanted to like something about this episode. Sigh. Cary asks Gunn, "You wanna talk about it?" Gunn replies, "Do I gotta sing?" And that's when bullets start flying.

A demon is walking past the stage and is suddenly knocked down in, to coin a phrase, a hail of gunfire. Some slime splashes out onto Fred's face, and she falls off her stool. Needless to say, she also stops singing. And yet I mentioned it anyway. Found Boys storm inside, and remember that originally there were metal detectors by the door, before the writers decided that it was actually magic that made violence impossible? Not that metal detectors would have stopped this, but they could have at least gone off. Everyone dives behind the bar or tables or just falls down because they're dead. Then there's some senseless violence for a few minutes. And when I say senseless, I mean that one guy takes aim at all of the bottles behind the bar, in the ultimate cliché. Gio walks in, puts his shotgun on his shoulder, and shouts, "Party!"

After the commercials, the Found Boys are still shooting around at random while Cary moans, "My club!" Fred stands up on the stage and does a quick Carrie impression, only with green blood, and then Wesley hops up and carries her to the table behind which he and Cordy are cowering. Cordy says she thought "demon violence was impossible here," so of course Wesley has to explain that their attackers aren't demons. Can I say again how utterly stupid that retcon is? Only "demon violence" is prevented? So then, if I'm a demon and I want to kill someone (and there are some who'd argue that's the case), all I have to do is hire a human being to go into Caritas with me and kill anyone I want. Stupid. One of the Found Boys has a dart gun or something that fires stakes, which he uses to dust a vampire. Rondell seems ready to call it a day, and prepares to lead the Found Boys out, but Gio has other ideas. He tells Rondell, "You're liable to miss out on some of the more interesting things in life," and then calls for Gunn. Gunn stands up from behind the bar. Rondell wonders why Gunn is there, and Gio says, "Tell him how you been rolling up in here for months, tossing back drinks with your demon buddies." Rondell doesn't believe it; Gio insists that it's true; Gunn tells Rondell to go; Rondell says he'd like some answers. They all talk a lot, don't they? Wesley decides that this is a good time to complicate the situation even more, so he stands up and says, "Yes, I think we all would." Cary stands up, too, and a Found Boy immediately grabs him. Gunn pulls Cary away and steps in front of him. A few demons are still alive: one mutters "Oh God, oh God, oh God." Wesley, always quick on the uptake, says, "They killed Merl and the others." He stares at Gunn and adds, "You knew." Gunn says that he was going to tell Wesley, but he was trying to work it out. Rondell wants Gunn to move out of the way so that he can kill Cary, but Gunn won't. He says, "You lost the mission, bro. What you been doin', man, this ain't right. None of this is right. This is not what we're about." And that's the closest anyone ever comes to explaining to Rondell why what he's doing is wrong. Rondell says, "We're protecting our own." Wesley says it isn't protecting anyone to "break into people's homes." Rondell turns his gun on Wesley, and Cordy jumps up in protest. I wait for Fred to pop out in front of Cordy, and then for Angel to hurry in and take his place in front of Fred. Just line up in front of the guns, everybody. And then do a dance number!

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