That Vision Thing

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That Vision Thing

Props to mononoke, because I never would have noticed any X-Files references in this show. Look, I don't have time to watch every crappy SF show, only two-thirds of them.

I think it's time that the Mutant Enemy people and the WB people exchanged phone numbers, because this thing where they're each creating their own version of the previouslies suggests that they're not talking to each other very often. I'm going to stick with the Mutant Enemy version, because at least it doesn't have silly narration. So, previously on Angel, Lilah dug through some files, Gavin Park introduced himself, Angel was bored, Fred said "Handsome man...saved me from the monsters," for the five thousandth time, and wow am I sick of hearing that line every week. Cordy had visions, and if they were visions of Angel pulling his pants off, no wonder she's in so much pain. Oh yeah: and Darla had a little surprise for us.

Wesley and Gunn are standing at the front desk of the Hyperion, munching on Chinese food. An entire hotel full of furniture, and no one could scrape up a card table or something so they could sit down? Wesley says that they shouldn't act differently, but they should "be gentle in [their] inter--" and then he stops abruptly as Cordy wanders through. The boys greet her with a little too much love, and she ignores them and leaves the room. Gunn asks how they did, and an invisible Fred answers, "B-plus, C-minus." Wait, she's not invisible; she's just sitting under a table as she eats. My mistake. Oddly enough, due to a chain of circumstances I cannot easily explain, there was a period of a few months in high school when I spent a lot of time talking to friends from underneath tables. When we start recapping my therapy sessions, you'll hear all about it. Moving right along, Wesley asks Fred whether she'd like to join them for her meal. Well, she's with them, she's just not at the same altitude. Frankly, if I was in her place, I'd try to keep large objects between my food and Wesley's hair. She finally climbs out and joins them at the desk, and then resumes shoving food in her mouth. Gunn politely suggests that Fred might enjoy using chopsticks or a fork to eat her dinner. This inspires Fred to share some stream-of-consciousness about forks as Cordy strolls back toward them. Wesley chirps, "Hello again!" and Gunn adds, "Nice day!" Cordy stops and growls at them for being "all fake-nice and super-sensitive" toward her just because she hasn't had a vision in a while. She insists that she looks forward to her next vision, saying, "The Powers That Be have seen fit to choose me. Who am I to refuse?" Wait, didn't they "choose" her because Doyle kissed her? Fred merrily asks why Cordy doesn't use "that vision thing" to locate Angel, thereby earning the $50 bonus for naming the episode. "Because I don't care," Cordy answers. Gunn intervenes to point out that Cordy can't decide to have a vision, or determine what she sees. So it turns out that new viewers just had to wait one extra week to find out all these details. Lucky them. It must be nice to be hearing this for the first time, instead of the hundredth. Fred is told to think of the visions as gifts, leading Cordy to describe them as "having-[her]-head- torn-open-and- hot-lava-poured- into-[her]-skull gifts." Which she was honored to receive a minute ago. I sense some mixed feelings about the visions. Or confused writing. I hope it's mixed feelings.

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