That Vision Thing

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That Vision Thing

The phone rings at Cordy's, and Fred answers it. Gosh, I haven't really talked about Fred's hair, have I? I figure she's not trying to look attractive, so there's no point in complaining about it. Inside the limo, Archie makes with the pulsing brain. I thought by now he'd be pulling out a demonic Martian Popping Thing, or maybe some evil Seamonkeys. Fred watches as Cordy's disfigurements melt away as though they were merely special effects. Fred tells Wesley that it worked. Wesley signals to Angel, who signals to Gunn. This is so complicated. Couldn't Wesley have signaled to Gunn? Gunn lets Llan out of the car, and he smiles as he walks over to Lilah's car. Before getting into the car, Llan and Angel share a meaningful look, but I have no idea what the meaning was. As her bodyguards get back into the cars, Lilah says, "It's just business." Angel agrees, and by now I was shouting, "You're going to let her drive off with Archie, so she can do this again whenever she wants? Argh!" I'm somewhat relieved when Angel leans over, picks up a section of rebar, and hurls it through the air so that punctures Archie's skull. Lilah gasps, and Angel uses his very-quick-speed to scoot up behind her. He whispers, "Don't you come at me through Cordelia ever again. You play that card a second time, and I'll kill you." Um. No. Kill her now. There's no reason not to. If I were Lilah, I'd be all, "Oh, so now I have a free pass to torture Gunn so that you'll do what I want? Only Cordy is off-limits? I can't believe how dumb you are." Harumph. The Angelmobile pulls up, Angel hops in, and they drive away.

The sun rises. Finally. Cordy pulls out a fresh pot of coffee and pours mugs for herself and Angel. She is way, way too perky in this scene. Plus, she's all grinning and her eyebrows go way up, and her hair is in ponytails, and I get the feeling her skin is about to snap under the tension. The Eggos pop up in the toaster, and Cordy starts to dig into her breakfast while Angel just looks confused. Cordy suddenly stops and says that Angel was "unbelievably selfless and brave and amazing." Cordy, hi, have you met Angel? He does this all the time. If she'd been a random guest star, he would have done the same thing, so what was all that "amazing" about it? Anyway, Cordy worries that the guy Angel "rescued" is horribly evil, and that because of her, Wolfram & Hart won. Angel insists, "It's not about winning, Cordelia; it's about what's at stake. And in this particular scenario, you were way more important than winning." "Scenario"? Angel insists that he did what he had to do, and that if there are consequences for setting evil boy free, he'll deal with them when they happen.

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