That Vision Thing

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That Vision Thing

Cordelia, still in the bathroom, gulps some aspirin and eyes her new scars in the mirror. She's got three nasty gashes on her shoulder blade in addition to the cuts on her stomach. Angel knocks and tells her to open the door. She puts her little twinset jacket back on and grumpily opens the door. Angel says that Fred will take Cordelia home, although it's not clear what means she'll use. I'm going to decide arbitrarily that Cordy lives within walking distance of the hotel.

Angel lets Gunn drive the Angelmobile so that he can concentrate on fretting in the back seat. Gunn helpfully notes that they've checked out four of the five herbalists in Chinatown, and asks, "How come whatever we're searching for is always in the last place we look?" Wesley guesses that it's "one of the unwritten laws of being a dick." He'd know. Sigh. When they serve me a straight line on a platter like that, it kinda takes the fun out of it. Off Gunn's look, Wesley explains that he meant "a sleuth, gumshoe, Sherlock." Wesley is so down with the hip lingo of 1953. Wesley then announces that the next shop is called "Van Hoa Dong." Guessing that he should try to say one line that doesn't require penile humor, Wesley asks Angel how Cordelia was. Angel says, "She said she was fine." Wesley asks, "You don't believe her?" In response, Angel gives Wesley a very strange look -- like he can't believe Wesley has the nerve to ask that, or something. It's nice that Boreanaz is learning different expressions, don't get me wrong, I'm just not sure this one really fits the scene. As they arrive at the shop, Gunn declares, "Next time we're hitting the last place first."

They walk into the shop and find an older Chinese couple behind the counter. The woman immediately says, "Your kind not welcome here." Gunn asks, "Since when can't a brother buy some ginseng tea?" The man clarifies that it's Angel who's unwelcome. Wesley goes over the "public building, no invitation necessary" thing again, because Captain Thesaurus doesn't understand the difference between being able to enter, and being welcome to enter. Wesley then explains that they're looking for a coin. The couple look at each other and then leap over the counter and strike an ass-kicking pose. Gunn isn't impressed, at least until the couples' fingers morph into CGI claws. I pause the tape to figure out a way to work "fu" into a description of the fighting, and then I remember what "fu" comes from to begin with, and then I wonder what happened to my brain. So there's a lot of you-know-what, and slashing and clubbing and Angel plays yo-yo with the old man, and the couple is eventually knocked out. Angel then finds the coin hanging on a leather thong around the man's neck. He pulls it off and stares at the blipvert it contains.

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