That Vision Thing

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That Vision Thing

Lilah grabs something out of a printer at Wolfram & Hart. "I think that's mine," Gavin snaps as he walks in. He explains that his printer isn't working, so he's using Lilah's. He also mentions that he's moving from Real Estate into the Special Projects division. Gavin explains, "With so much karmically damaged real estate, not to mention the demon infestation, the Senior Partners felt I would be more useful here." Buildings have karma? He adds that he's working on something aimed at Angel, and suggests that Lilah might like to be on his team. Lilah looks amused. Her door suddenly opens and a kid wearing a fez pokes his head out to look at her. She tells fez-boy that she'll be there in a second, then snickers at Gavin and heads for her office. I was sort of hoping that they wouldn't ever explain what that kid was doing; it'd be funny to just see day-to-day life at Wolfram & Hart, with people spontaneously combusting and slime monsters working in the mailroom and so on. Gavin snipes that "just because they gave [Lilah] Lindsey's old office doesn't mean --" Lilah insists that she earned her position, but also defends Lindsey, who "sacrificed his flesh and blood for this company -- literally had his hand cut off, fighting against Angel." Hee. Lilah's kind of protective of Lindsey, isn't she? Lilah's in looooooove. With Lindsey! Point at her and laugh. She mocks Gavin's legal nitpicking about building codes, but Gavin says that he's fighting Angel in his own way. Lilah snarks, "I bet he's really terrified," and enters her office.

Cordy emphasizes how very tired and ready for bed she is as she wanders through her apartment. All this exaggerated sleepiness is for the benefit of Fred, who turns out to be lurking under the kitchen table with a jar of peanut butter for company. Oh, Fred and her eating under tables. Cordelia tries to lead Fred toward the door, but Fred whines that Angel told her to wait there until he called. Cordy insists that she's "right as rain," and of course Fred goes off on a tangent about that, and I'm really eager for Fred to have some reason to be on the show. There is some redeeming value to be found in Cordelia's expression as Fred wonders how rain could be right, "or wrong, for that matter." I have a particular expression when I'm getting irritated -- I don't know what it looks like, I just know that sometimes my friends start yelping, "Please don't kill me!" I suspect that the look they're reacting to is kind of like the one Cordy is giving the oblivious Fred. I may have to keep this episode on tape and ask my friend Niels to confirm this theory. If I look that scary, go me. Fred and I wind up our digressions together, and she asks Cordy, "What's it like to have a vision?" Cordy, nonplussed, comments, "Wow. You know, next to you, I am downright linear." Fred ignores this and starts doing a little Selina Kyle imitation by wondering whether Cordy actually sees the events, or just knows what will happen, "like in fifth grade when I saw Grayson Wells, and I just knew we'd go steady, and even though we never did, looking back on it, it feels like we did." I probably should have typed that last sentence as one long word to properly convey how it was delivered, but I don't think Wing would put up with Joycean nonsense. ["As usual, you think right." -- Wing Chun] When Fred finally pauses to take a breath, Cordy says, "Okay! Time to go!" and leads Fred to the door. But Fred's not done: she compares Cordy to Lassie, in that they both warned others about people in danger. Fred says that Angel needs and depends on Cordy, and I think we get the part where she envies that. Cordy says she'd be flattered "if it weren't for that Lassie-being-a-dog part." She asks Dennis for help, and the door obligingly opens. As Cordy finally shoves Fred out the door, she's interrupted by a vision of a blurry, bumpy demon slashing the air. She falls to the floor as the vision continues mistake: judging by the chin, it's actually Jay Leno, who's far more terrifying than any mere demon. Fred nervously turns the unconscious Cordy over onto her back so that we can watch as yucky boils surface on Cordy's face and neck.

During the commercial break, Gunn, Wesley, and Angel arrive at Cordy's place. Cordy has let her hair down to cover her face, and calmly tells them that there's a boil-covered demon at a store "on the corner of Fifth and...something." The demon is guarding a key that the gang needs to retrieve. Cordy hops up as she offers to draw a picture of the key, but Angel pulls her back down. He brushes her hair away from her face so that they can all admire her blech-y skin, and says, "We should talk about this," although I'm not sure what good that'll do. "So, those visions are sucking more and more, aren't they?" "Yup, they sure are." Seems like that'd be the whole conversation. Cordy sides with me, asking, "What's there to say?" This is when her voice starts cracking and squeaking and it's like that time Peter Brady's voice changed, only it's not supposed to be funny. And it isn't. I'm not entirely sure why her voice is affected by what's happening, but it sure does make me want to bring her some soup. Angel asks whether this has happened before, and Cordy pulls up her shirt sleeve to show them the gashes she received earlier. Wesley, who some would have me believe is the brains of this outfit, asks, "Are you saying your visions had a physical manifestation?" Was some part of that connection unclear? Stupid Wesley. Cordy looks in the mirror and moans, "This must be a mistake. The Powers wouldn't do this to me on purpose!"

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