That Vision Thing

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That Vision Thing

Angel returns to the apartment, hands the mysterious key to Wesley, and hurries to the bedroom. Cary is there with Cordy, who he says is "resisting the process." Wesley explains that since the Host reads auras, he must be able to connect to TPTB. Angel, bizarrely, thinks this makes sense, and chimes in with the conclusion that Cary can use Cordelia to "trace the calls." Er. Whatever you say. If we're dropping the premise that Cary needs people to sing to read their auras, we might as well get amnesia about the fact that he doesn't mind using his powers to aid Wolfram & Hart's lackeys. Which makes me think his connection to TPTB is tenuous. Besides, I prefer to believe that destiny has nothing to do with TPTB, and I hereby resent this episode for suggesting that they are connected. Cary moves aside so that Angel can work his bedside manner. Angel asks why Cordy doesn't want Cary to "trace the visions." Cordy explains, "With The Powers That Be doing this whole Book of Job thing, the last thing I want is more noise in my head." Angel suggests that Cary can make the noise stop, and Cordy sniffs, "I hate looking and feeling like this, but if I lose the visions, I wouldn't be able to help you any more. You wouldn't need me." Because back when she first joined the show and Doyle had the visions, she was unable to help Angel. Okay, you could make a case that she wasn't any help then, but that didn't seem to bother her. Angel insists that he doesn't need Cordy's visions, and that they're just "after-market extras, like a Hurst shifter or Krager wheels." I have no idea what he's talking about. Cordy does, though, and asks if Angel is comparing her to a car. Angel tells her that it's a very nice car, and Cordy decides it's better than being compared to Lassie. Angel tells Cordy to let them help, and she agrees, so Cary sits beside her again. He begins rubbing her temples and drags out the old hypnotism act he used to eke out a living on the vaudeville circuit sixty years ago. "You're on a mountain top. It's warm, the sky is blue, full of big fluffy clouds. You're Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music." Amazingly, Cordy doesn't jerk upright and scream, "Like the scars and boils weren't enough horror?" He goes on about how she's spinning, and the camera's spinning, and their connection is broken suddenly, as Cordy explains that all the whirling about is making her ill. Cary apologizes, and they start over.

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