That Vision Thing

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That Vision Thing

Lilah's in her office with the guy we saw earlier. I'm gonna call him Archie McPhee. He finishes filling out his 1099, and Lilah asks if he remembers his instructions. "All that fire? How could I forget?" Archie chuckles. He sits on a table and after taking a few deep breaths, begins levitating. Then he pulls his Fez off to reveal his ooky grey exposed gelatin brain. Lilah looks on happily.

Cary's still rubbing Cordelia's temples. Hypnotists creep me out. Cordy begins twitching, Archie's brain pulses away, and then the blipvert hits. There's an unhappy guy on fire. Although he doesn't look as unhappy as you'd expect a guy on fire to be. We also see a gold demon. Cary is suddenly thrown across the room, crashing into a mirror. Angel and Wesley run over to Cordy, who's jerking about on the bed and screaming. She calms down, as we see her arms are now burned. Nasty. Her skin is all black and dull red and cracking. Archie slowly settles down onto the table and puts his hat back on. "I think she got the message," he tells Lilah.

Angel tells a dazed Cordy that Cary is "unconscious, but he's fine." Cordy rasps, "Am I a bad person?" Her voice is killing me, I tell you. She says she knows that she's snippy sometimes, but she wants to know if she's a horrible person. Angel assures her that she isn't, and says that this is happening to her because she's strong. I'm not sure I care for that whole "you only get as much pain as you can bear" attitude, because it's not very comforting and implies there's some divine justice to suffering, and I would expect Angel to remember that he's committed acts that go way beyond snippiness, and he's not covered with scars and scabs. Cordy whimpers that she isn't strong, because she doesn't want to have the visions anymore. She says, "I tried to be brave, I did, but I'm just scared now." Only she says it all creakily, and was she smoking a pack of cigarettes between takes to make her voice that bad? Wow. She sniffles and wipes her eyes, and when her burned hands came up into the frame, it scared the heck out of me. Anyway, she says that she can't understand why TPTB are making her suffer, and Angel says that he doesn't get it either. I wouldn't expect him to figure it out considering he can't count to fifty-seven. Wesley pokes his head in and does the old "hey, c'mere" head jerk. Angel does the "dude, I'm busy comforting my horribly wounded friend" frown in return. Wesley finally resorts to speech, and tells Angel that there's something he should hear. Angel reluctantly wanders out to the living room.

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