The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco

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Or, "Five's Fable," For Short

Cut to the graveyard, and a large headstone for the four brothers. Their names on the headstone are simply "Numero Uno" and so on. And there's a spot waiting for Numero Cinco. I can't make out the dates, though. The objects from the shrine are draped over the top of the headstone, and Cinco waves a little incense ball over a candle as he calls for Tezcatcatl to come. There's a pretty shot of the graveyard with candles set on all the graves. Then, as Cinco pours himself a cup of coffee from a thermos, Angel interrupts to tell Cinco that Tezcatcatl won't kill him. Angel taps his chest and says that they're both missing the "secret ingredient." He says, "Now give me the talisman, and I'll leave you to your misery." Cinco says he doesn't have it. Angel promptly turns and starts knocking objects off the gravestone as he looks through them. Cinco calls Angel "a strange man," and Angel retorts, "I'm not the one in a mask standing in a cemetery in the middle of the night." The only difference is you're not wearing a mask, dude. Cinco says, "No, but you will be." Angel spots Tezcatcatl headed toward them, and starts patting Cinco down as he demands the talisman. Cinco says that if they stop Tezcatcatl, it'll still come back in another fifty years. Cinco says that Angel is right; Tezcatcatl won't kill him. He explains, "I had to find a way to fool him, to make myself worthy. I swallowed the talisman. If he wants it, he will have to cut it out of me." With that, he tosses Angel away and starts shouting at the demon to come and get it.

Tezcatcatl arrives and stares at Cinco, who says, "I'm the hombre who destroyed you last time. Come on. It's in here." He points to his stomach, and punches Tezcatcatl. The demon swats Cinco, sending him flying into another large headstone. Cinco quickly stands up and gets back to the taunting. Angel pulls off a piece of an iron fence and heads over to join the fight. As Tezcatcatl tries to stab Cinco, Angel blocks the sword with the rod and knocks the demon away. Then he shoves Cinco down and grunts, "Not gonna make it that easy for you!" Cinco watches as Angel fights Tezcatcatl, and is knocked down. Angel rolls back and forth to dodge the sword-blows, and then is rescued by Cinco, who has grabbed the fence pole. He battles the demon for a minute and is quickly stabbed in the gut. Angel gasps, "No!" and runs forward, shoving Tezcatcatl away from Cinco. As Angel and the demon fight some more, Cinco stumbles over to his brothers's grave. He puts his blood-soaked hand on the stone, and then collapses for a moment, but picks himself up. And just in time, because that's when Angel is sent flying by another punch, and lands on top of the graves. Angel starts to roll over, and a hand suddenly pops out of the ground in front of his face.

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