The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco

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Or, "Five's Fable," For Short

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Angel gives the talisman to Wesley and asks him to put it in a very secure special jewelry cabinet. Although it just occurred to me: there's no rule that the talisman has to go to a hero. So the best way to hide it would be to give it to some random person, and then Tezcatcatl will never find it. Actually, Tezcatcatl's not likely to go looking for it at Wolfram & Hart either. So firstly, problem solved, and secondly: this really is like Friday the Thirteenth: The Series now. I thought I was kidding about that. Wesley uses his raspiest, quietest whisper to ask, "Angel, are you okay?" Wesley, if you think Angel's depressed, maybe you should lead by example and lighten up a little. Yeesh. Angel says he got the job done, and that's what's important. Wesley stares at him. Calm the hell down! Angel turns to leave, noting that it's been (another) long day, and we see that the rest of the MoG are sitting around in Wesley's office. And Spicule, too. Are they having an intervention? At this hour? As Angel heads for the door, Fred pops up to show off her ridiculous pleated mini-skirt. And she wobbles her legs like she's a nervous six-year-old. Fred is very pretty, but maybe she should dress like an adult. From this dimension. Anyway, she asks if Cinco helped in the big fight. Does she know anything about any of this? Wasn't she down in the lab all night? Why does she care? Angel just grunts, "He died a hero," and leaves. Spicule wonders why he hung around all night just for this bummer of a meeting.

Some time later, Angel steps out of his office and wanders through the building. He goes into Wesley's office -- and the lighting is doing him no favors -- and then picks up a book. With a sigh, he tells the book, "Shanshu prophecy, English translation." He opens the book as text swirls onto the page. I'll bet Angel realized that prophecies usually come true in the most unpleasant ways. So he might as well figure out the worst possible way to interpret this thing, so he'll know how his life is going to suck even more.

Next time, Angel breaks another window, but on purpose this time. Also: superninja!

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