The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco

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Or, "Five's Fable," For Short

We return as Wesley, Gunn, and Spicule find Angel in a pile of broken glass. Angel explains that the mailman threw him, and Spicule starts snickering, but for a change I don't blame him. Gunn promptly calls Security while Wesley asks why the mailman attacked Angel. We can see a number of curious onlookers in the background, as Angel wonders if he just startled the mailman. Gunn says he's taking no chances. Fred wanders in, and Spicule promptly calls, "Fred! Did you hear? Angel attacked the old mail guy." Fred, horrified, asks if Angel hurt the guy, and Angel stumblingly tries to explain that actually, the mailman attacked him. Gunn's phone rings, and he tells the others that Security is escorting the mailman out of the building. He pauses to confirm that Angel wants to fire the guy, and Angel says, "Look, really, I'm fine. Let's just get back to the --" Then Cary walks in and marvels at the broken window. Spicule once again says that Angel beat up the mailman, and Cary tells Angel, "Word on the web has you sucker-punching Grandpa Moses." He comforts an increasingly exasperated Angel by adding, "Once the word spreads you beat up an innocent old man, well, the truly terrible will think twice before going toe-to-toe with our avenging Angel." Spicule agrees: "The geriatric community will be soiling their nappies when they hear you're on the case." He gives Angel a thumbs-up. Tee hee. Angel insists that he didn't beat anyone up, and tries to turn the subject back to the murder victims Wesley mentioned. Wesley says that the total is up to four now: "Another one was just found in a church after an All Souls mass." He expositions that today is the Mexican Day of the Dead. Oh, is Morden gonna show up? He'd fit in so well at Wolfram & Hart.

Blipvert to Angel driving a shiny car. But at least it's an old convertible, similar to the dearly departed Angelmobile (sniff), but red. The thing that I like is that the radio is on, and apparently is tuned to a 1950s rockabilly station. Spicule's in the passenger seat, and Gunn and Wesley are in back. Fred and Cary might be in the trunk, I guess, re-enacting Out of Sight. Oh gosh, that'd be weird in so many ways. Gunn and the audience wonder why Spicule's there, and he explains that, basically, he's got nothing better to do. Wesley chimes in: "Remind me again how you ended up in the front seat?" Spicule chuckles that he called shotgun. Wesley, nonplussed, lifts up the shotgun in his lap and sighs, "I thought we were doing a weapons check." Ha! I loved that. Gunn reveals that he's armed, too, with a non-hubcap axe. Wesley checks a map and says that the church is nearby, and Angel suddenly does a bootlegger's turn, squealing the car around until it's parked neatly at a curb. He hops out and grabs a sword before hurrying off. But he leaves the radio playing so that Spicule's not bored while he's waiting, I guess. Spicule sighs, "Always was a bit of a drama queen." Johanna thinks it's funny when Spicule, of all people, accuses Angel of being melodramatic.

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