The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco

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Or, "Five's Fable," For Short

Wesley, in his office, tells an assistant to "cross-reference the weapons list against both Aztec and Incan artifacts." What about the Toltecs, man? What about the Toltecs? He looks over the shoulder of a woman doing research at a computer and advises her, "Think predatory bird meets demonic gladiator." Wesley picks up a book and whispers, "Xiochimayan Codex." He opens the book as runes appear on the page. Hey. They didn't exposition about the magic books. They actually trust that, if we see words magically appearing in a book according to a spoken instruction, we will understand that these are magical reference books. Angel walks in and asks what Wesley's learned. Wesley uses a lot of words to say that he hasn't actually learned anything yet, but that he might, any second now. Angel babbles uselessly in the doorway before finally saying that he'll be hanging out in his office. Wesley sits down at the desk and starts looking over the Codex. After a moment, Wesley says, "I wasn't aware that you could read Cuauhtitlan pictograms." From behind Wesley, Spicule admits that he can't, and asks if Wesley's looking at a book of prophecies. Wesley offers a little exposition about the magic books, explaining, "Each one ties into a discipline within the Wolfram & Hart archives. This one is linked to historical narratives." He points at another book nearby and says that it's the one for prophecies. Spicule asks if Wesley could look up the "sans shoes thingamabob," and Wesley corrects him: "Shanshu prophecy, yes." Wesley explains that the prophecy is about "an epic, apocalyptic battle, and a vampire with a soul who plays a major role in that battle. And there is a suggestion that the vampire will get to live again." Spicule oh-so-casually wonders if a certain battle at the Hellmouth counts as apocalyptic. I'd say no, because I think "apocalypse" implies that there's a threat to the entire world rather than a danger that a half-dozen idiots might be killed. Wesley diplomatically admits that there's nothing specific about the battle or the vampire, and then sniffs, "No, I imagine it could be any vampire with a soul. Who isn't a ghost." Zing. Spicule defensively says that he doesn't buy any of it, adding, "It's a bedtime story to get vampires to play nice." Johanna wonders what on earth he means, since very few vampires seem interested in becoming human again. Wesley, all out of zingers, retreats to the pathetic: "Says you." Spicule retorts that Angel doesn't believe in the prophecy either. Wesley looks perturbed at that, but then they're interrupted by the woman at the computer. Wesley tells her to print out what she's found, and Spicule reaches out to fondle the prophecy book. Did he stop painting his nails? Shame.

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