The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco

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Or, "Five's Fable," For Short

Back in the flashback, a telephone rings. Cinco answers it and listens for a moment, and then hangs up to call to his brothers. With a dramatic guitar strum, the brothers all look at him. Cuatro pauses his weight-lifting to give Cinco his full attention. Cinco announces, "The devil has built a robot!" Bwa! Dos throws his cards down and stands up with Uno. Cuatro drops the barbell to the floor. The brothers all shout, "¡Andale!" and then rush out of the room. Probably to their, um, Luchadormobile? I wonder if it's a Luchadelorean. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm giddy from actually enjoying the show this week.

Cinco asks Angel, "Surely you have heard about our great victory over the devil's robot?" Angel shakes his head slightly and apologizes like he can't quite believe he's having this conversation. Cinco sighs, "Nobody remembers the good stuff." Heh. Angel asks for information about the Aztec demon again. Cinco pauses for a brief flashback of Tezcatcatl waving its sword around, then asks, "What can I say about a demon who killed the people that mattered most to me?" Angel suggests starting with how Cinco defeated it. Cinco claims he can't remember, and Angel wonders if he just doesn't care. Cinco says that he tried to go on after his brothers were killed, and we return to Flashbackland.

Cinco is in the same bar, alone, with a cigarette burning in an ashtray and a drink in his hand. He narrates, "After a while, the phone stopped ringing. The people went away." But then a man came in who said that his company could use Cinco's abilities. A silhouetted figure carrying a briefcase walks over to Cinco and hands him a business card. The card reads "Wolfram & Hart, Attorney's [sic, a thousand times sic] at Law," and identifies the bearer as Holland Manners. Aw, Holland! Cinco explains that Wolfram & Hart wanted muscle. He adds, "I knew that Wolfram & Hart was everything my brothers despised. But what did I care? Nothing mattered after I buried them behind San Gregorio." He says that he makes an altar to them every year on the Day of the Dead, but that they don't visit him, because he's unworthy. Cinco concludes, "But it does not matter anymore. Not after this year. I should have died with my brothers." He helpfully establishes a plot point by tapping a gold necklace that rests among the other objects in the shrine. Angel tells Cinco, "You got stuck with the hard part: the carrying-on." Angel says that Cinco's brothers don't come to visit him because he quit, and asks why he stopped caring. Cinco says he'll show Angel why.

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