The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco

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Or, "Five's Fable," For Short

Cut to midget wrestlers dressed as Los Hermanos Numeros, battling against a single non-midget wrestler. Why, they're luchadorable! Again, sorry. Cinco and Angel watch from the back of the auditorium. Cinco grumbles that his brothers "sacrificed their lives as heroes, and it is played out as a farce." Angel watches stone-faced and says that Cinco expects too much from people. I think I'd have liked this part more if Angel really seemed to enjoy watching the midgets wrestling. Like, if he wasn't paying complete attention to Cinco because he was getting into the match. Cinco goes on about how his brothers are being dishonored and now Tezcatcatl is back, and concludes, "Why did we bother? What difference did we make?" Angel makes a speech about how they did the right thing because it was right, not to win accolades, only of course he doesn't use a big word like "accolades." It's an awfully long speech, and I think we got it after the first sentence. Cinco certainly did, because by the time Angel finishes and turns to Cinco, Cinco is gone.

Back at the office, Wesley tells Gunn, "I'd forgotten that Aztec culture was so violent." How could you forget that? That's the single most notable thing about the Aztecs! Well, okay, that and the calendar. But it's still kind of like saying, "I'd forgotten the French liked wine." Anyway. Gunn asks if Wesley has a file on the woman Tezcatcatl killed at the All Souls Mass. Wesley hands the file to Gunn while saying, "The demon passed by over twenty people so he could attack her." While Gunn tries to figure out what the victims have in common, Wesley asks Gunn if Angel seems okay. Gunn says that Angel is "still adjusting to corporate life, I guess. Bit of a disconnect." Wesley gasps, "Disconnect," like the one thing you could always count on Angel being was involved and enthusiastic. Maybe the mindwipe gave him a totally different impression of Angel. Like, in Wesley's memories, Angel is a really cheerful guy who wears a lot of plaid. Gunn keeps looking over the files and remembers Wesley saying that the man they found in the alley was a Gulf War veteran. He goes over the other victims: "Lady in the church worked with gangs. This dude, a fireman." He concludes that Tezcatcatl is taking the hearts of heroes. For a moment, I'm inexplicably delighted by the idea that one of the heroes was a plumber, but then I remember that Tezcatcatl seemed to be going after the security guard, not the plumber. Darn. Let's give plumbers their props, people.

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