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Veni, Vidi, Vegas

Back down in the casino, Angel is diligently feeding the slots. Two jackpot symbols come up, but the last dial is just a hair off. Angel looks down at his empty cup. Cordy looks thoughtful, and the last dial slips down as bells ring. People gather to congratulate Angel.

In the office, Lee tells his goons to take the MoG out to the desert and shoot Fred and Gunn while Cary watches. They head out, and then Morocco Omari tells Lee, "We have a winner." Everyone stops dead to look up at the monitors, where Angel is prominently featured. Ha. See, because his features? Are prominent. Snicker. Lee complains, "That's impossible!" Boy, Lee's not satisfied with stealing people's destinies -- he's got to rig the machines, too? It's one thing to screw around with TPTB, but I wouldn't try to pull a fast one with the Nevada Gaming Commission. Those people are serious. Morocco Omari assures Lee that Angel won $300,000 and a car. Lee orders his staff to get back to work, and tells Morocco Omari to bring Angel to him.

Moments later, Angel is hauled in. He greets the MoG with a dazed "Hi." Lee demands answers, but Angel is busy looking around and muttering that the room looks familiar. Morocco Omari punches Angel, and Lee asks again how Angel won. Angel sincerely explains, "I put a quarter in the slot and I pulled the lever." Lee asks if Angel's playing games, and Angel repeats, "I have to play to win." And then there's a shot where Angel looks like he's back to himself again. It's hard to explain. He looks blank in the usual way, instead of looking like he's trying to look blank. Lee isn't used to making these subtle decisions, though, so he decides it was just "a glitch in the machine." A ghost in the machine would be a whole different show. Or possibly, a whole different philosophy. Lee tells Morocco Omari to pay Angel "in quarters," and gets back to business. A goon shoves Gunn, then punches him, and when Fred tries to intervene, another goon shoves a pistol in her face. Angel wobbles for no readily apparent reason, and then vamps out. He and Gunn make with the fisticuffs, and Fred improbably punches a goon without immediately snapping several bones in her wrist. Lee complains at his staff's incompetence while another goon accidentally shoots Morocco Omari. Oh no! Goodbye, Morocco Omari. Cary picks up a mysterious object that I think might be a walking stick, although I'm not sure what it's doing there, but the point is it's a long heavy bar of some kind. He approaches the mystical glowing orb of stolen destinies and raises the stick. Lee races over and begs Cary not to do it: "What's it gonna take? A bigger suite? Fewer shows?" Lee's kind of confused, isn't he? Cary smashes the orb, and then there's an explosion which I think kills Lee. Pretty colored lights swirl through the room as the monitors and LED tickers go black.

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