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Veni, Vidi, Vegas

Out in the casino, we see the colored swirls zip into various people, including Vivian. In the office, another swirl vanishes into Angel, and he turns around to face the MoG. He says, "This room. Something familiar." Gunn walks over and says, "Angel?" Angel looks at him and sniffs, "You're my friend. I know. I'm not stupid." That's an odd line to make into a catchphrase. Although it'd be funny if Angel kept saying "I'm not stupid!" more and more defensively in future episodes.

We pass a fully restored Vivian and zoom in on the MoG, heading for the door. Angel suddenly remembers why the office seemed familiar and exclaims, "Elvis and Priscilla's wedding reception, 1967!" He adds that he wasn't officially invited, saying, "They just put me near the dais. I think somebody thought I was in the band -- probably because I was all drunk and surly." Angel chuckles to himself while the rest of the MoG walk a little faster to get away from his crazy lying ass.

We now resume normal L.A.-style blipverts. The MoG walk through the Hyperion's courtyard, chatting. Gunn puts a ban on any more road trips for six months. Fred looks forward to a bath. Angel's trying to figure out why he won on the slot machine. Cary suggests that "Lady Luck was smiling down on [him]." Angel insists, "I don't get why or how I was able to fight when I had no reason to, no destiny." Cary says that Angel was fighting for his friends' futures, adding, "The people you love are part of your destiny." Cary offers to continue with the "insightful bon mots" after he's had a chance to visit the little demons' room. He hurries inside, and unfortunately we're forced to observe some innuendo-ing between Fred and Gunn before everyone follows Cary into the hotel.

They walk inside, and stop dead. No, not because Willow's there with some glad tidings. It's Cordelia. Still in that dumb all-white outfit. She turns to look at them, and asks, "Who are you people?"

Next week: I guess it's a secret. The ad consisted almost entirely of clips from episodes that have already aired. Maybe it's a clip show? I'd love that. The narrator says that "the mystery will begin." Golly.

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