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Veni, Vidi, Vegas

Cary's still singing. About this time, I start thinking that I should be impatient now. I mean, they don't have a plot yet, and they're already pausing the show so that we can listen to Cary. But I like listening to Cary, so I don't mind. I want an Angel soundtrack album with this on it. The song finishes, and everyone but Angel applauds enthusiastically. I don't think Cary should wear pink. It washes out his complexion. Oh my goodness, and he's got Angel-hair. It's all spiked. I wonder if Hallett and Boreanaz traded hair care secrets. If so, poor Hallett. Anyway, Cary does some patter, undoes his bow-tie, and offers to "crank things up a notch." He cues the band and asks for "a little help from [his] Lornettes." The curtains re-open to reveal the showgirls. Lornettes. That's funny. I suppose I should call them "Cary-ettes" for consistency, but I wanted to preserve the joke. They strut out into the audience as Cary starts in on "Lady Marmalade." Cary shoves the mike in front of various audience members and makes them sing the chorus. That goes on for a while, and I think about how they should have worked in some cameos here. Gunn and Fred bop in their seats while Angel continues to look puzzled. As Cary approaches their seats, Fred gets even more excited, and Gunn grumps, "He'd better not stick that mike in my face." Further proof that Gunn and I are soulmates, because that's exactly what I'd be thinking in his position. While Fred encourages Gunn to join the fun, Angel points out that Cary has passed them by. Gunn takes that in and sadly says, "Oh. Well...good."

A girl in a blue dress sings for Cary, and he pauses to schmooze with her a bit. She introduces herself as Vivian, and explains that she's celebrating her acceptance into culinary school in Paris. Angel continues to look thoughtful as he watches Cary work the crowd. At this point, I understood that Cary was reading people in the audience, and I assumed that Angel knew the same thing because it's pretty obvious. Turns out I was giving him too much credit.

Another flashy blipvert transports us backstage after the show. The MoG wait with a crowd of fans for Cary to appear. Fred enthuses about the show, and Gunn gripes, "But he dissed us during the sing-along!" Angel and Fred look at him, and Gunn adds, "It's just nice to be asked, is all." Angel critiques the show as "over-produced," adding, "It's like I told Sammy Davis at the Sands: 'When you, Frank, and Dean are the meal, you don't need the trimmings.'" Angel's trying very hard to impress Gunn and Fred with the name-dropping, isn't he? But maybe he should be more careful about referring to people as meals. Gunn asks, "You knew the Rat Pack?" Angel answers, "Know 'em!...No." Heh. He explains that he met them once or twice, "for drinks." Again, I think he should be more careful with his phrasing. Unless he means he bit them. That would be amusing. Fred changes the subject because she realizes that Angel's trying too hard, and asks what Angel will sing for Cary. Angel says they don't have to rush into that and turns to leave, asking, "Who's up for some blackjack?" The crowd around him goes wild, not at the thought of blackjack, but because Cary has finally appeared. Fred shouts for Cary's attention as Cary signs autographs and tosses out "love ya"s. Then Cary starts to leave, and Angel tries to press through the crowd after him. Some security goons refuse to let him through.

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