The House Always Wins

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Veni, Vidi, Vegas

Fred finally enters the dressing room. And is immediately attacked by Cary, who just avoids clubbing her with a bottle. He immediately apologizes and then recognizes her. He says, "You don't know the hell I've been through," while Fred eyes the lavish accoutrements. He enthuses that they've come to rescue him, and then intervenes to keep Fred from sitting on that blue fur coat we saw him wearing in the premiere. Heh. It's nice to get rescued and all, but there's no sense in getting green makeup all over a coat! Fred says that they didn't know he needed to be rescued. Cary complains, "Every time you called me, I kept asking about Fluffy!" Fred says that she thought that was a show business catchphrase. Cary sighs, "Fluffy! Fluffy the dog. The dog you don't have. The universally recognized code for 'I'm being held prisoner, send help!'" Cary explains that the casino's owner, Lee DeMarko, is behind it all. Oh good, another "L.M." Technically, "L. DM.," I suppose. "There's this game..." Cary segues, as we cut away.

Angel enters the curtained "spin-to-win" room. Is "roulette" so strange a term that they had to come up with a new name for it? A guard tries to push him back out, and Angel calmly twists the guard's arm. We hear a snap, and the guard wails off-camera for a second. The croupier tells Angel that this is a private game, but then Lee enters and says it's okay. He tosses Angel one of the green chips. Angel catches it and tosses it out onto the table dismissively while insisting, "I'm not here to play games." While Angel demands to know what's going on, we see the chip magically slide from its resting place to one of the circles on the table. Lee insists that he doesn't know what Angel's talking about. Angel steps forward and says, "Maybe I can jog your memory with a little --" The croupier interrupts: "House wins!" Angel stops as the croupier rakes in the winnings. He stares blankly while Lee distributes souvenir plastic tubs of quarters to all of the players, including Angel. Lee encourages everyone to try the slots. Angel takes the cup, thanks Lee, and wanders out.

After the ads, Gunn peers around the corner to check out the goons outside Cary's room. Those are some nearsighted goons. That's why I make my goons take a complete eye exam. You'd be surprised how much some of them whine about the glaucoma test. They're such babies. Anyway. Fred screams and rushes out into the hall. Actually, she sort of hobbles. I don't think she's used to wearing heels. She stammers out a story about how Cary attacked her "with these laser beams that shot out of his horns" and escaped. The skeptical goons point out that there's only one door out of the room. Fred squeaks that Cary "spit out his entire skeleton" and mimes vomiting. Thanks for clarifying, Fred. She concludes, "And then he slithered away! Down a drain! In the bathroom! Hurry!" The goons finally head into the room while one calls for backup on his walkie-talkie. As soon as they're inside, Cary rushes out and quickly shuts the door. Gunn rushes over and helps tie a convenient curtain-pull around the doorknobs as he asks what's going on. Cary says there'll be time to explain later, and as they run away he calls, "We need the big guns. Where's Angel?" Cary's in disguise, which means he's wearing his trenchcoat and a hat. I love it when he wears hats.

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