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Veni, Vidi, Vegas

Cut to a large office area in the casino. In addition to the TV screens monitoring casino activity, there are some scrolling LED displays on the walls. They read things like "Grammy winner -- 2005... NBA MVP -- 2006... Deal with Disney to run new ABC series." Aw, they didn't forget Greenwalt. Principal Morocco Omari gives Lee a printout about Angel's vampiritude. Morocco Omari adds, "Among other things, he's positioned to be a major player in the apocalypse." Lee grins and suggests that Morocco Omari "put in a call to that weirdo law firm in L.A." A phone rings, and Morocco Omari answers it, presumably to get the news about Cary's escape.

Gunn, Cary, and Fred stride through the casino. Fred's done a remarkable job of wiping the green makeup off with just a few tissues. They find Angel diligently playing a slot machine, and Gunn asks where he's been. Without looking up, Angel mutters, "I was there before. Now I'm here." Gunn says that they're in trouble, and asks if Angel can slow down the pursuit. Angel says "Okay," and keeps playing. Gunn says he'll get the Angelmobile and they'll all meet up "at the end of the block," in front of the Golden Nugget. Except that the Tropicana is already at one end of a block, and the Golden Nugget is at the end of a block in a completely different part of town. Angel agrees anyway, and, as they run off, calls, "Good luck." Then he stands up, moves to the next machine, and sits down again. The MoG head for the door, and on the way Gunn knocks out an approaching goon.

Gunn and the others exit the hotel and somehow end up in the middle of the Fremont Street Experience, where the obligatory Elvis song is playing. Well, now they are close to the Golden Nugget, at least. I guess Gunn is already familiar with the teleporters they've recently installed throughout Las Vegas. Wait, apparently not, because Gunn asks where they are, and Cary says "Glitter Gulch." They dodge through the crowd to avoid more goons, and Gunn decides that now is a good time for Cary to explain what's going on.

We're treated to a little montage of scenes as Cary says, "He's been using me to read members of my audience. Finds those with what he calls 'valuable destinies.'" Promising victims get to play the spin-to-win game: "Then their destinies are imprinted on the chips, and that old black magic wheel is tricked out to never [sic] pay off." Cary gets to work the title into his speech, too. It's getting less exciting when they say the title in every episode. Cary goes on to say that when the players lose, DeMarko gets their destinies, which he offers up "to an extremely black global market, sold to anyone willing to pay big money to change his or her life." Fred quips, "Futures trading." She asks what happens to the people who lose their destinies, and Cary answers, "They've got no purpose, direction -- unable to succeed or accomplish anything ever again." Zoom in on Angel, still playing the slots. When Cary gets around to describing the victims as zombies, Gunn realizes that Angel's destiny has been acquired. Fred draws their attention to the large number of goons surrounding them. Gunn figures it's time for "that fightin'-for-[their]-lives thing," but Cary has another idea. He rushes over to a microphone placed by some street performers and launches into a wailing high note. Is he confusing Vegas with Pylea? People cover their ears, and marquee lightbulbs start exploding. I hum the theme to The Natural. As everyone scrambles to avoid the falling glass, the MoG scurry away in the confusion.

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