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Too Good To Be True?

Previously on Angel, Cordy was the mole, Jasmine charmed everyone, the MoG were in seventh heaven, and Angel decided to put Fred six feet under. And, as usual, there was much rejoicing.

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" plays as we see various images of scenic daytime Los Angeles. The Beach Boys. Ick. People drive by in a convertible. Kids race to an ice-cream truck. Everyone's pretty and happy, and almost everyone is blond. Also, there's a lot of pink clothing. A driver politely waves at some pedestrians to cross the street in front of his car. It may say something about this show that I initially expected him to wait until the pedestrians were directly in front of him and then run them down. When there's a sudden clunk, I think I'm right for a second, but then the driver looks up to see Fred pressed against his car window for a second before she runs away, pursued by Wesley and Gunn.

Gunn and Wesley stop on a corner so that the camera can whirl around them excitingly. Wesley spots Fred's distinctively ugly red jacket in a crowd, and as they run toward her, I start thinking about how stupid Fred is for wearing something that will stand out like that when she's being chased. Wesley bumps into a pedestrian as he runs after Fred, and sort of spins while running to apologize. Wesley and Gunn reach Fred, grab her arm, and -- whoops, it's not Fred at all, just a girl with similar hair. Oh. So Fred wasn't being stupid, and the ugly jacket is actually a plot point. I have a bad feeling that I can't just make "And here's another stupid thing" jokes this week. Rats. Wesley asks the girl about her jacket, and the girl explains, "A woman just gave it to me. She said Jasmine wanted me to have it -- isn't that sweet? Isn't Jasmine the best?" Gunn and Wesley stop looking exasperated to chorus their approval: "Best of the best!/ She's so wonderful!" Gunn suggests splitting up, and he and Wesley run off in opposite directions. A solitary tear drips down Wesley's cheek at being dumped again.

The camera pans down, through the ground and into the sewers. Where Fred is staring up, like she can hear her pursuers talking through six feet of dirt. And how'd she get down there so quickly? The sewer tunnels really do go everywhere. I'm surprised they don't find commuters down there on scooters. After a minute, Fred hurries down the tunnel.

Credits. This week's Boreanaz quote: "I ran around Central Park last year for my birthday, painted my face like a clown and you just freak people out."

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