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The MoG vs. A Mountain of Swiss Cheese

Previously on Angel, Cordy got a haircut, Wes got a tracheotomy, Holtz got a baby, Lilah got a slashed palm, Linwood got some bruises, and Angel got a hug. While looking sad. Snicker.

Cityvert. Everyone is surveying the damage to Angel's room at the Hyperion. Groo starts on a lengthy introduction to some heartfelt advice, which can only mean that there's an unexpected punchline approaching. With the set-up complete, Groo goes for the big finish: "I beseech you to heed my words. Pomegranate Mist is the wrong color for this room." Get used to this comedy format; you'll be seeing it a lot. Fred supports the plan to redecorate, and Cordy insists that Groo "has good color sense." Cordy's opinion on matters of style is not terribly convincing. Groo suggests an orangey color, or perhaps "purpla." Angel wonders why Groo can pronounce "pomegranate" but not "purple." Groo explains, "It was my mother's name." Gunn heads for the door with some burned furniture, and Angel whines that it's an antique, and you know what? This whole thing with Angel's room is one of those metaphor things. I'm a highly trained recapper, so I can tell. And it's not actually important at all, it's just happening so we all understand that the MoG want to embrace change and move forward, while Angel wants everything to be just as it was. So we're all clear on that, right? Great, we can move on.

Angel picks up a snow globe and stares at it before rambling that he got it for Connor. I can't help expecting Melissa Gilbert to stroll in and perkily invite everyone to Z'ha'dum. Angel says, "It doesn't ever snow in southern California." Cordy quietly says, "It did once." It's unclear to me whether Cordy knows why it snowed. Of course, I don't exactly know why it snowed. Other than because it was a cheap way to avoid resolving some rather pertinent questions Angel had about his worth, but aside from that. So, if Cordy does know what led up to the snow, it's an odd thing to mention. Sure, on the one hand it's a little reminder that somebody out there likes Angel, but it's also like saying, "Hey, remember that time you were gonna kill yourself? Good times." ["I would link to the Buffy episode in which that happened, but it aired before this site existed, and we haven't recapped it. For those who haven't seen it, Angel was all haunted by visions of his past misdeeds, so he went and stood outside, waiting for daylight to come and kill him. Buffy went to try to convince him that he deserved to live, and that he should go inside before the sun came up, but he rebuffed her, and then suddenly it started to snow (for, as Strega says, no good reason, really), sunrise was delayed, and Angel lived. It was a Christmas episode, and you know how those are." -- Wing Chun] I'm spending too much time thinking about this one throw-away line, am I? Fine. Angel hops up and says that they should be doing their jobs, not working on his room. "We're neglecting our cases!" he chirps, and it sounds like his voice is changing, which just can't be right. Gunn says that they don't have any cases. Oh, come on, surely someone in this crowd has yet another dangerous secret or unexpected artistic interest which can suddenly involve them all in a dangerous situation? I think it's probably Fred's turn to be plot device, in fact. Angel stammers that they sometimes get walk-in clients, and hurries downstairs. "Never on Sundays," Cordy mutters. I can deal with Angel acting like a twit much better when the other characters notice that he's being a twit.

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