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The MoG vs. A Mountain of Swiss Cheese

After some racing down hallways, they end up taking refuge in the kitchen. They have a kitchen, too! I guess that's less of a surprise. Angel and Cary lock the doors, which makes more sense this time, because they're swinging doors and the lock is the only thing holding them shut. The crawdads start hurling themselves at the doors, mostly to make a good scary effect as they splat against the little windows. Fred whimpers, "No more running! Too hot, too hot." Angel gets an actual idea, and turns on the stoves. He explains, "Cook the air, dry it out. Make it so uncomfortable for them [that] they won't want in." Flames shoot up from the grills, and I'm amazed that the gas is hooked up and working and given everything else going on, why not? Fred screams suddenly, and babbles, "Charles! Where's Charles?" He's not in the kitchen. Maybe he's on his way over to my place. I can hope.

At Wolfram & Hart, Lilah is on the phone saying, "Meet up with the Shaman exterminator in fifteen. SWAT team in place? Good." She barks some more orders, preparing to save the day as Gavin strolls in to ask what's going on. Lilah says, "I want to nip this in the bud before Linwood finds out." Gavin chuckles that it's a little late for that. Lilah dismisses the two commandos who are waiting for her, and asks Gavin to explain. Gavin needles Lilah that he has the number for Linwood's emergency cell phone, and she doesn't, nyah nyah. Lilah heads for the door, griping, "I've got to go save my immortal enemy." Gavin sighs, and points out that Linwood may have some "unresolved feelings towards the guy who nearly stuck a spike through his eye." Is he saying that Linwood has a crush on Angel? Lilah asks Gavin what Linwood said, and Gavin quotes, "Let 'em die. Let 'em all die." Gavin goes on to say that Linwood doesn't trust Lilah, she's overstepping her bounds, and she'll have to pay for the special ops team, and she has stupid hair. Okay, not that last one. Poor Lilah. Although, if she's just going to believe Gavin about this without getting any confirmation from Linwood, she deserves what she gets.

Gunn pounds on a door, which is finally opened by Wesley. Gunn says, "I need your help." I really, really think there should have been a scene with Gunn at least trying to reach Wesley by phone. If Wesley wasn't answering or something, fine, but I hate it when they make Gunn look stupid.

Fred is sitting on the kitchen floor gulping water while Cordy and Cary tend to her. Groo says that they can't fight their way past the crawdads. Can't they? If they keep their mouths closed, how dangerous are the crawdads? It seems as if a ski-masks would constitute an effective defense. Angel marches over to Fred and grabs her water bottle. Fred lunges after him, and Angel shoves Fred against the wall and tries to interrogate the crawdad. Johanna says, "Fred's a lot more tolerable with a slug inside her." Which is true; she's acting creepy but speaking in normal tones. Not to mention the fact that she's speaking a lot less than usual. All of which seems to make her more appealing. Angel asks what the crawdads want, and Fred says, "To live. To drink." She cackles creepily and adds, "And be merry! It hurts us. We have to get out." The pipes near the ceiling shake, for some mysterious reason. Maybe there are crawdads in the pipes? Fred says, "We have to flee. It brings pain. Such pain." Angel asks what's chasing the crawdads, and Fred answers, "The bringer of torment, agony, death. The destroyer." Must. Resist. Noxon joke. Angel asks why the Destroyer is after the crawdads, and Fred says it isn't: "It's coming after you. Angel." Angel spends the commercial break being puzzled.

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