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The MoG vs. A Mountain of Swiss Cheese

Cary and Groo make it out to the lobby just as Gunn enters and orders them to put Fred down. Fred is set down on the steps, and Gunn tells Groo to hold her down while he opens the vodka. He puts the bottle to her lips and tells her to drink, which she does for a minute before shoving him away and spitting out some of the vodka.

Back in the kitchen, Angel and Cordy are hacking away at the crawdads. Angel gets one as it launches itself through the air at them. A second one gets past him, and Cordelia catches it. She stares up, frozen, as it wraps itself around her hand.

Gunn forces more vodka down Fred's throat while Cary and Groo hold her. She spits again, and this time a crawdad comes out. Yuck. Groo grabs a sword and spears it. Gunn sits down next to a crying Fred. Oh, she's one of those depressed drunks. Great.

Cordy keeps on staring at the crawdad she's holding. Then she looks radiant. I mean, glowing. Or maybe just overexposed. She lowers her arm as she gasps, "What's happening to me?" Only much more slowly than that. And then her super glow-power blasts out. Look, I didn't write the script, okay? She glows really, really brightly, and Angel covers his eyes. Everyone in the lobby is also blasted with light, and then there's an exterior shot of light pouring out of every window on the Hyperion. And then it fades away.

In the lobby, the lights come back on as Cary asks, "Can I be the first to say, what the hell was that?" Sorry Cary, but I think several million audience members beat you to that question. Angel and Cordelia stride in as Angel answers, "That was Cordelia." I'm just going to assume that, on their way to the lobby, they stopped to turn the power back on. I know the timing is strange, but maybe Angel used his very-quick-speed or something. Apparently "that was Cordelia" is the sum total of the explanation, and the MoG seem perfectly satisfied with it, so who are we to be confused? Don't answer that. Groo tells Cordy, "You are truly a goddess." She hugs him, and admits, "Beats horns and a tail." Cary takes offense, and Angel goes to check on Fred, who's recovering on the couch.

Gunn nervously explains, "I, uh, got this idea. Alcohol. Dehydrates the body, gets the slug out." Angel stares at Gunn, who goes on a big defensive speech to the effect that he wasn't abandoning them, but he had to get help, and he did what he had to do, and we get it, for heaven's sake. I like to think that Angel was just staring at Gunn because there was lint on his shirt or something. Gunn finishes his heartwarming message of brotherhood and understanding, or whatever it was, and he and Angel kiss and make up. Figuratively. Angel says, "So, we're good?" Cary interrupts to note that they aren't at all good, because there's some creepy Destroyer coming to visit. Seems like that's just Angel's problem, though. Fred sits up and blurts, "I remember the Destroyer's coming!" She must be cured, because her voice is back to its usual irritating squeal. Swell. Cordy asks whether Fred has any idea when the Destroyer is coming. I doubt there was anyone who didn't say this line along with Fred: "I"

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