The Price

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The MoG vs. A Mountain of Swiss Cheese

Everyone turns as crackles of light start to flash over the pentagram. There are roaring noises, and more lightning, and then a very large, reasonably cool-looking CGI monster falls out of nothing into the lobby. Everyone stares at its big horns and teeth as it roars at them unpleasantly. And then a tyrannosaurus suddenly lunges through a wall, gobbles it up, and stands there triumphantly as the Jurassic Park banner flutters to the ground. Wait, no, I got confused there. But it's basically the same scene. What actually happens is that there's another flash, and a teenager summersaults out of nothing and lands next to what I'm choosing to believe is the Destroyer. The kid immediately swings what I think is a sword at the Destroyer's head, which topples instantly. The camera zooms up the kid's Army of Darkness outfit, and I start laughing for some reason. Maybe I was just feeling gleeful about all the references to movies I could make when describing this scene. The kid (will it ruin the suspense if I just tell you it's Connor?) lifts his arm and points what I think is a wrist-mounted stake-launcher at Angel and says, "Hi, Dad." Heh heh heh. It's just funny. I can't explain why

Next time, Connor tries to prune his family tree.

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