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The MoG vs. A Mountain of Swiss Cheese

Back in the office, Angel shares the bad news that there are at least two, if not more, crawdads. He adds that they have one advantage, and Cordy wonders, "What? They glow in the dark? How is that gonna help unless we shut off all the lights in the...." Angel starts handing out flashlights, much to Cordy's displeasure. Angel gives Fred a lantern, leading me to wonder why Angel has so much camping equipment, and tells her to lock herself in the office and keep researching. Gunn sighs, "This just keeps getting funner and funner," prompting Angel to note that somebody has to go to the basement and shut off the power. Gunn says, "Nonononono..." Heh.

For reasons that I'm not clear on, they all go to the basement together. I guess I should be pleased that they didn't make the classic horror movie error, and send one person to the basement alone. I'm also confused because this is very different from the basement (with the boiler) in which Angel used to hang out all the time. I suspect that set got dismantled. Gunn and Angel go into the rubble-filled basement while Cordy, Groo, and Cary stand on the stairs to watch. I'm also not sure why the basement is dark even before the power is turned off. Angel spots something in a corner, but reassures Gunn that it was just a rat. Gunn doesn't like rats, y'see. Gunn finally gets to the circuit breaker and shuts off the power.

Upstairs, Fred looks around nervously and pulls the lamp closer. There is, naturally, a crawdad on the wall behind her. I don't understand why they think a closed door can keep a little bug out. Especially given the fact that they've been through an earthquake and had grenades explode in the place. But even if the hotel were structurally sound, I've noticed that bugs have a disturbing ability to get through the smallest cracks. Yuck. But I'm digressing, as well as giving myself the heebie-jeebies. The point is that Fred's in terrible danger. Excellent. She turns, and gets a quick scream in before the crawdad shoves itself into her mouth. Oh, that was a valiant little crawdad. Did you see how it tried to keep her from talking? It should get some kind of medal.

Angel and the others enter a new and different hallway, causing Cary to wonder where they are. Angel expositions, "South wing. We haven't found a use for it yet, so we just keep it closed up." Uh. Okay. Cordy hears something, and Angel agrees that it sounds like birds. They trace the noises to a set of doors that are padlocked. Cordy asks if they have a key for the lock. Angel gives her a funny look that I think means, "Have you forgotten my love for door-smashing?" and kicks the doors open. And then he gives her this totally Magnum P.I. eyebrow wiggle! Ha! I don't know if that was in character, but it really entertained me.

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