The Price

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The MoG vs. A Mountain of Swiss Cheese

Gunn knocks on the office door, and Fred lets him in before quickly retreating to the desk, and -- hang on -- she locked the office door? To keep out the crawdads? She locked? The door? Because otherwise the small bugs would turn the doorknob and waltz right in, I guess. Fred sits down at the desk with her arm pulled up to hide her face. Gunn asks if she's okay, and Fred mutters, "Scared. Very scared." Gunn strokes her hair and reassures her. Then he sits down and suggests that maybe he and Fred should go on vacation, and suddenly his eyes are warm and happy and my lord, that is a handsome man right there. Phew. Fred mutters, "We have to get out of here." Gunn notes that he was just saying that, but stops as Fred suddenly breaks open the snow globe and starts to drink out of it. Ew. Gunn stares at Fred, horrified. You'd think he do that all the time, really. Fred finishes chugging the snow globe and tells him, "We're thirsty."

Angel and the others seem to have found a big ballroom. Angel tosses a couple of tables over, either checking for crawdads or because he like smashing things. The bird-call sounds are louder, but Cary is busy admiring the decor. He asks Angel, "Ever think of turning it into a nightclub?" Angel stares at him. I'm going to try to decide if that's a good idea. At least it would give Cary something to do. And I miss the karaoke. Gunn and Fred suddenly enter through an unbroken door. Fred gulps at a bottle of water as Gunn explains, "We have a serious problem." Angel sits Fred down on a table and tries to talk to her. Gunn says, "That thing is jamming her brain. I can't reach her." Fred whispers, "Angel?" Ouch. Gunn gets a little reaction shot there. I sense trouble in paradise. Yay. Fred says how thirsty she is, and Gunn says he'll get her to a hospital. Fred quickly tells him no, explaining, "It wants that. To escape, spread. You can't let it. Don't let us -- It! It will kill." She looks up at Angel and adds, "Oh, it really doesn't like you." Y'know, I like the crawdad. It forces Fred to stick to simple sentences. That seems worth the cost of a few gallons of water. Gunn starts to lead Fred away, determined to take her to a hospital. He points out that everything Fred just said could have been coming from the crawdad. Angel disagrees with a rather unconvincing "hey, you can't do this." He blocks Gunn's path and asks, "How is she gonna feel if taking her out of here causes more people to die?" Gunn snarks that all of this is Angel's fault, and Angel says he did what he had to do. It's amazing how comfortable Gunn is in lecturing Angel that he should consider the consequences of his actions, considering he sold his soul for a truck. Angel starts to say, "My son --" and Gunn interrupts, "Is dead. Fred's not." Angel looks like he's ready to resolve the debate with fisticuffs when Cordy steps in and insists that they have to stick together. "Where does it say that?" Gunn grumps. Right here in the script, Gunn. Luckily, Groo interrupts to announce that the bird-calls seem to be coming from under the floor. He hacks into the floor with the axe, and everyone joins in until I expect some kind of Wile E. Coyote scene where the floor collapses underneath them. But no, they just make a neat hole and peer down into it. Turns out there's a swimming pool full of crawdads underneath the floor. Cordy gasps, "Oh, my God. We have a pool?" And then a few crawdads skitter out toward them, and it's time to run away.

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