The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Once upon a time, or more specifically, in 1753 in Galway, Ireland, a buxom wench fills her pitcher at the well. I'll start off by saying that I'm sure that there are plenty of historical inaccuracies in these flashbacks, but as long as there aren't any blatant anachronisms, I don't see any reason to nit-pick. Besides, I suck at history, and this is Angel, so there's no shortage of other things to mock. So, the girl starts to walk away with her pitcher, leaving the wooden bucket on the edge of the well instead of lowering it back in, which seems like an odd thing to do. A slovenly-dressed Angel lurking in the shadows calls, "Anna," and the girl stops and turns. "Master Liam?" she asks. Angel (I'm not going to refer to him as Liam because with the flashbacks this is confusing enough to describe) asks her to come closer. She protests by mentioning his father. Angel says that his dad's at church. Anna asks why he doesn't come out into the sunlight, and Angel claims the light hurts his eyes. "And I know the reason why!" a deep voiced man adds, as he shoves Angel down to the ground. "Up again all night, is it? Drinkin' and whorin'! I smell the stink of it on you!" Oh, I get it: we were meant to think he was that nasty Angelus, but really he was just recovering from a hangover. Hair that's too short to be pulled back into his ponytail flops around on both sides of Angel's face ridiculously. Since we all know it's a wig, couldn't they find one that looked better than this? Dad yells at Angel for trying to corrupt the servant girl, and Angel replies, "Everyone gets corrupted, but I find some forms of corruption are more pleasant --" You can almost taste the dramatic irony. Then Dad hits him and calls him "a lay-about and a scoundrel."

Cut to the present, where Angel is fighting a leprous-looking demon in a subway tunnel. At a nearby station, a cop leads Kate toward the stopped train. Kate's wearing jeans and a flannel shirt over a T-shirt. I wonder if the fact that she never was able to officially solve the serial killings from a few weeks ago has led to her demotion. He tells her that a crazy homeless guy went nuts on the train, and one of the passengers pulled the emergency brake. Kate asks where the suspect is, and the cop says that according to the passengers, he was pulled out of the car through one of the ceiling vents. Kate grabs a flashlight and goes marching into the tunnel. Angel and the demon are still duking it out when the demon suddenly grabs his chest in the interdimensional sign for "I'm having a heart attack," and keels over. Kate enters, sees the dead demon, gasps, and says, "I guess I can forget about reading him his rights." I thought it was just Angel, but now I realize that no one on this show should be allowed to make quips. Let's watch the credits and forget this ever happened.

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