The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

During the commercials, I wondered if Kate would think Angel had killed her father, especially since it fits in with Angelus' stalking pattern that Giles once talked about. But I guess that answering machine message convinced her he was a good guy. Too bad, because that would have been a nifty plotline. Anyway, when we come back she's sobbing on the floor by her father's body. Angel explains that Mr. Lockley invited the vampires in, and that he couldn't get into the room to help. Angel says, "He was involved in something, Kate, something he couldn't have understood." Kate, understandably, tells Angel to leave. Angel backs away through the door, looking horrified and sad and unsure. Hey, when Boreanaz manages to convey emotion, I'm happy to acknowledge that fact.

Angel opens his Cabinet of Exotic Weaponry and starts to suit up. I think he's inserted noisemakers on most of his swords and daggers, because nearly every item he picks up makes an exciting swishing noise if he moves it more than an inch. As Angel straps on his special spring-loaded forearm stakes, Wesley enters and asks, "What happened to calmly, cautiously, and deliberately investigating before rushing in?" Angel says he's moved on to Plan B. Wesley asks what Plan B is. Angel turns, gesturing so that the axe he's holding makes some more swooshing sounds, and asks, "Do I really have to explain it to you?" Meanwhile, Kate cowers in a corner of her father's apartment, staring into space, which is rather creepy. She looks around the room and sees the manila envelope of money. Near it is a business card for "Kel's Exotic Auto." Nice of the bad guys to leave their business card. I'll assume Mr. Lockley already had it, to spare myself the migraine.

We see four more baddies gathered around a desk at the car shop. Kate raises her pistol into the frame, aims, and shoots the three baddies who aren't allowed to talk. They fall down for some reason. Mind you, I don't mean that they shouldn't fall down because they're vampires; I mean they shouldn't fall down because if there's enough force behind those bullets to knock them off their feet, the recoil should probably knock Kate down, too. Aiming at the vampire spokesman, Kate says, "My father may not have known what you are, but I do." The spokesman approaches with a skeptical, "Do you?" so she shoots him in the arm. He doesn't fall down, and Kate says, "I know it won't kill you, but this will!" and pulls out a stake and dusts him. Pleatherface stomps in, asking, "What do you think you know? Do you know what walks this city?" Kate backs up, and the remaining vamps surround her. She shoots Pleatherface a few times with no effect. He says, "You don't understand what stands before you." There's a glaring continuity error here, as shots of Kate show her bracing her right arm with her left, while shots of Pleatherface show that from behind, Kate's left arm is down at her side.

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