The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Then Angel enters casually, toying with his axe, asking, "A big, ugly, drug-running demon who thinks he's a lot scarier than he really is, maybe?" Angel needs to read up on the element of surprise. Finally, we get the big fight. For some reason Kate chooses to keep pointing her gun at the vampires, instead of dropping it and using the stake. I want to like her, but it's difficult to do that when she's this dumb. Angel (or his stunt-double) gets to do a really lovely roundhouse kick, pulls Kate out of danger, and then puts his axe against Pleatherface's neck. Angel says, "We walk out of here now, you don't lose your head." Kate finally wises up and readies her stake. She and Angel start to move toward the door when Pleatherface makes his move. Kate rushes to stake one vamp, leaving room for Angel to go for a big finish. He tosses his axe up into the air, pops out his forearm-stakes and dusts the vampires on either side of him, then catches the axe before it lands, and beheads Pleatherface. Show-off. I wish I could stop there, but honestly compels me to admit that before being killed, Pleatherface shouted, "You're dead!" and Angel replied, "I'm already dead," then made with the chop-chop and added, "Welcome to the club." That wasn't funny or necessary in any way. Sigh. Kate crouches on the floor, and Angel asks if she's okay. She starts to cry again, and the most comforting thing Angel can think of to say is, "Never trust an evil Evil Thing." He starts to say something about her father, and Kate turns and says, "My father was human. And you don't know anything about that." She leaves.

Darla says, "This contest is ended, isn't it?" She enters the old homestead, and we see that Angel's mom also lies dead on the floor. Angel says that he's won: "I've proved who had the power here." Darla says, "Your victory over him took but moments, but his defeat of you will last lifetimes." Apparently Angel's not the only one who's been waiting around for someone to invent therapy. Angel asks, "What are you talking about? He can't defeat me now." "Nor can he ever approve of you," Darla responds. If I can take a page from Wing and Sars: WE GET IT, ALREADY! Darla tells Angel, "What we once were informs all that we have become. The same love will infect our hearts, even if they no longer beat. Simple death won't change that." Angel looks around at the bodies of his family and asks, "Is this the work of love?" sounding genuinely curious. By way of an answer, Darla simpers, "Darling boy. So young. Still so very young."

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