The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Kate looks at the dead body and realizes that it isn't human. Angel tells her that it's a demon, and reassures her that it's dead. "So they die then," Kate confirms. "Yeah," says Angel, and you can tell he wants to say, "Duh!" Kate says she's having trouble with "this otherworldly stuff." Angel explains that "Demons aren't technically otherworldly, I mean, in fact, they were here first," as Kate stalks off. Angel follows, and Kate asks if she should call the coroner or hazardous materials. Angel advises her to just ignore it, and it'll go away. She says that strategy hasn't worked on him. All right, it didn't happen quite that way, but don't you wish it had? He asks what she normally does in cases like these, and Kate says she's never seen a case like this one. Angel tells her, "People have a way of seeing what they need to." They watch as a witness is interviewed by another cop. The witness has a delivery bag and a prominent label on his jacket that says, "Blue Circle Delivery," which just happens to be placed almost at the exact center of the TV screen. I'm thinking that we're supposed to notice that. Kate reviews the description of their suspect: average weight, average height, average build. Blue Circle Guy says he doesn't remember anything in particular about the crazy guy on the train, and that he pulled the emergency brake when the guy came after him. Kate asks why he was attacked. Blue Circle Guy's smile fades and he answers, "He didn't say." Kate gives up, tells the cop to start circulating the description, and lets Blue Circle Guy go. Angel looks into the distance and asks Kate, "What's your father doing here?" Kate goes over to her dad and basically repeats Angel's question. He says he was "in the neighborhood." Kate guesses that he heard about the situation on his police scanner and decided to come check it out. She asks, "Did you also happen to hear I was the lead officer on scene?" He says that she's doing a good job, and that he'll let her get back to work, without actually answering the question. Mr. Lockley leaves, and Angel approaches. Kate stares after her dad and says, "I think he's actually checking up on me." Angel notes that she sounds surprised about that. Kate turns to him and says, "No, you don't get to do that." Angel says, "What?" She answers, "Kill a demon in front of me and then act like we're gonna have a cappuccino together. It doesn't work that way." Angel does not say, "It worked with my last girlfriend!" Nor does he say, "Actually, I didn't kill the demon in front of you, he had a heart attack just before you got there!" Instead, he asks, "How does it work?" Kate says she isn't sure that it does, and that "you're probably a pretty decent guy for a -- you know, what you are, but let's keep this strictly business, all right? We don't get personal. I'm not your girlfriend." Kate stomps off, while Angel tries to figure out how Kate managed to dump him without ever dating him.

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