The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Back in the eighteenth century, Darla watches while Angel carouses and fights and drinks in a pub. Darla claims that he is "magnificent." Her waitress, like most of us who aren't insane and undead, begs to differ. She tells Darla, "His lies sound pretty when the stars are out, but he forgets every promise that he's made when the sun comes up again." While Darla gazes dreamily at Angel, she says, "That wouldn't really be a problem for me, actually." Sorry, but I actually hate redundant adverbs, really. Angel goes on smashing bottles and throwing people across tables without anyone intervening, because in Doyle's absence someone has to fulfill the drinking-brawling-Irish stereotype. He looks up and grins at Darla, at which point someone smashes a bottle over his head.

"Pay attention!" Cordelia demands, returning us to the present. She tells Angel, "All we have to do is decide what the code will be." Cordy reminds Angel that they just installed a new security system, following a suggestion I made a while ago. Cordy claims that "the installation guy said it should be something easy to remember, like my birthday." Since the date of Cordelia's birth is a closely guarded secret, that seems like a good choice. Angel points out that he doesn't know her birthrate. Cordy responds, "Yeah, tell me something you don't know that I don't know. But after eleven and a half months of punching it into this, you won't have any excuses!" Wesley enters, and Cordy's face suddenly goes from concerned to grinning, leading me to wonder if Boreanaz just made a silly face at her or something. Then she goes back to concerned as Wesley says that he thinks he identified the demon that Angel battled in the subway, and shows them a picture from the Encyclopedia Demonica. He says it's a Kwaini, adding that "They're always female." So we can now add "How do Kwainis reproduce?" to the list of questions to discuss in the forums. Wesley says disposing of the body shouldn't be difficult, but says that according to his research, the Kwaini is nonviolent. "They're incredibly articulate, gentle creatures, not even capable of the kind of power and strength you described." Angel wonders what could make it attack a bunch of people on a subway train. "Something on the train, perhaps?" Wesley asks. "Or someone," Angel adds, as we get our first blipvert of the show.

At the police station, Kate finishes some filing and turns around to see Angel lurking in the doorway. She asks what's up, and he says, "It's about that demon from this morning..." Kate pulls him into the room and closes the door, saying, "If you insist on talking about this stuff, could you please not say that word? It makes me, it makes me, just, I don't know, uncomfortable. Just say, 'Evil Thing,' okay?" Angel agrees, and explains, "It's just that the, uh, Evil Thing wasn't an evil thing." Kate is confused. Angel tries again: "Well, it was an Evil Thing, in terms of that word, it wasn't an evil Evil Thing." "There are not-evil Evil Things?" Kate asks, wondering if she's accidentally fallen into a Monty Python sketch. Angel looks hurt, and says that there are. Kate changes topics by asking how Angel got there during daylight hours, and Angel reminds her about the sewer systems. He asks her for a list of the passengers on the train, to try and figure out what could have caused the incident. Kate says, "There was nothing on the train; we searched it." Angel repeats that he wants to investigate the passengers, "I think we should start with that delivery guy, the man who pulled the emergency brake." Kate asks if the Kwaini is still dead, and Angel admits that it is. Kate says, "Good. You told me to forget about it; I'd like to." Angel keeps protesting, and Kate finally says, "There's nothing here. Your not-evil Evil Thing was just evil, okay? Now can't we just leave it at that?" Angel pouts us right into a blipvert.

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