The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Angel sits in his car, parked outside of the offices of Blue Circle Delivery Service as he chats with Wesley on his cell phone. Wesley says, "You can hardly blame her for being skittish on the topic." Angel replies, "I suppose so, I don't know. Ever since she ran me through with a two-by-four, things have been different." As he treks through the subway tunnels, Wesley jabbers about how people need "a period of adjustment" to accept the "dark forces all around us." Wesley starts to go on about how, "Women in particular --" when Cordy shouts, "Found it!" She kneels on the ground by the dead demon and waves her hacksaw triumphantly. Hee hee hee! Wesley nervously finishes his sentence with"--struggle with it," as Cordy prepares to carve up some Kwaini. Angel keeps talking, worried that Kate will be so busy "struggling with the big picture, she'll miss the details." Angel confirms that Wesley will run "the tests," and hangs up. Then he watches as the Blue Circle delivery guy shows up and starts talking on his own cell phone. The delivery guy gets into his van and, frankly, words cannot describe the excitement that fills me during the powerful "Van Backing Up" scene. He drives away, and Angel moves out in lukewarm pursuit. Cut to the van parked in front of an apartment building. I just wish we'd gotten to see the "Parallel Parking" scene, but apparently the WB censors felt it was too intense for this timeslot. Incidentally, I think this is the same building they use for the exteriors of Cordy's apartment, and the apartment that Apt Pupil-boy lived in. Wouldn't it be funny if they all lived in the same building? Inside, Angel hides behind a corner and watches as the delivery guy knocks on an apartment door. The door is answered by... Mr. Lockley! They converse inaudibly for a moment, then Mr. Lockley hands the guy a plain brown package and slams the door.

After the ads, Mr. Lockley is fixing himself some coffee (seriously, does Juan Valdez sponsor the show?) when he hears another knock at the door. He opens in to find Angel. Angel introduces himself, reminding Mr. Lockley, "We met at your retirement party. I'm a friend of your daughter's." A friend of his daughter's what? (I think I'm channeling Sars, because normally I wouldn't notice that.) Mr. Lockley, worried, asks, "Katie? Did something --" Angel says that Kate is fine, and Mr. Lockley sighs with relief. I mention this because I'm pleased they tried to show another side to the brusque father character. Angel goes on to say that Kate doesn't know he's here, "Though you can bet she'd be interested to know who was just here visiting you." Angel, getting pissy, adds, "You know, she actually thought you were at the crime scene today because you were worried about her?" Mr. Lockley asks what Angel wants, and Angel says he wants to know what was in the package. He says, "You removed something from the crime scene today. Something somebody didn't want the police to find." Mr. Lockley starts to close the door, and Angel asks who he works for. "I don't work for anybody, I'm retired," he replies. Angel declares that he will find out what's going on. Mr. Lockley asks, "Are you threatening me, son?" Angel says he's trying to protect Kate. "From what?" Mr. Lockley demands. "From finding out that the reason you were there today wasn't because you cared about her," Angel snaps. Mr. Lockley asks if Angel has any kids. Angel says he doesn't, because siring vampire-spawn probably isn't what Mr. Lockley meant. "Then don't think you can know how a father feels, or why he does the things he does!" Mr. Lockley barks, and shuts the door.

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