The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Angel stomps through his family's Irish split-level home while his father shouts his name, and stands in front of a young girl I think we can safely assume is his sister, and another woman who I guess is his mom. He's managed to get all of his wig back in the ponytail for once. Dad appears in the background and yells, "You'll do as I say!" Angel wipes a tear away from the girl's cheek and says, "Sweet Kathy, no tears. We'll meet again." Dad interjects, "Defy me now, you won't! Not as long as I live." Why is Dad talking backwards? Is Angel skipping out on his training to go rescue Han and Leia? Without a word to his mother, Angel turns and says, "You'll want to move away from the door now, Father." Dad says that if Angel leaves, he can't ever come back. "As you wish, Father," Angel says, "Always, just as you wish." Which, if I remember my Princess Bride correctly, means "I love you." Dad looks shocked at this back-talk for some reason, and declares, "It's a son I wished for! A man! Instead, God gave me you -- a terrible disappointment!" Angel retorts, "A more dutiful son you couldn't have asked for!" Good grief, they're all talking backwards. He goes on, "My whole life you told me in word, in glance, what it is you required of me, and I've lived down to your every expectation, now haven't I?" Dad declares this to be "madness," because pop psychology hasn't been invented yet. Not letting that detail stop him, Angel says, "The madness is that I couldn't fail enough for you. But we'll fix that now, won't we?' Dad says, desperately, "Who'll take you in? No one!" Angel says, "I'll not lack for a place to sleep, I can tell you that. Out of my way," and heads for the door. Dad grabs him by the shoulder, and, looking inexplicably moved, says, "I was never in your way, boy." Angel pulls away and leaves. Dad shouts after him, "If you go courting trouble, you're sure to find it!" and slams the door before the blipvert can get him. Well, I can see where Angel got his knack for one-liners.

In disjointed slow-mo, we see: Angel grabbing the waitress who spoke ill of him earlier; Darla opening a cut on her chest; Angel and another girl in the bar; Darla standing in a courtyard; Angel making merry; Angel putting the make on Mary; Darla saying "You know what to do;" Angel; Darla; and the big old siring of Angel scene, as seen on Buffy. While Angel sucks at Darla's chest, Kate says, "So, why this sudden urge to have lunch?" Turns out she's talking to her father, as they stroll along a pier-side park of some sort. He says "Lunchtime, isn't it?" and finally confesses that he wanted to spend time with her. They sit down and start munching on hot dogs, and Mr. Lockley abruptly asks, "So, how's Angel?" Kate is a bit startled by this question. Mr. Lockley asks, "That ain't a Mexican name, is it?" Kate says she doesn't think so. He asks if she's still seeing Angel. Kate continues to look baffled, and says, "We were never seeing each other, Dad." Oh, these are always such fun conversations to have with your parents, aren't they? Mr. Lockley asks what's wrong with Angel: "He married?" Kate says no. "West Hollywood?" Again, Kate says no, but how can she be sure? She explains that Angel's just not her type. Mr. Lockley asks if Angel has a job, and Kate tells him Angel's a private investigator. For cops, he's not very good at interrogating, and she's not very good at noticing when she's being pumped for information. Mr. Lockley asks if Angel is any good, and Kate says that he is, "And he doesn't mind working nights." Kate asks if her dad really took her out to lunch to ask about Angel. Mr. Lockley says that Angel "made an impression." She asks if he liked Angel. "Not really," Mr. Lockley confesses. "Then what's this all about?" Kate wonders. Mr. Lockley finally says, "It's not good to be alone, Katie." Kate looks pensive.

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