The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

At Angel's, Wesley is playing with his monster dissection kit. He announces that the demon was definitely a Kwaini, but there's something strange about it. Wesley shows Angel what looks like nice flank steak and says, "Think of it as the creature's adrenal gland. Normally, it would be the size of a walnut." He says that the "inflammation" was caused by a substance he found in the Kwaini's system. Circulatory system, nervous system, we don't know; just its system. Wesley hands Angel a bottle of the amber fluid he found. He says, "It's synthetic, and it seems to contain properties not unlike street PCP." As opposed to the PCP you find in finer department stores. Wesley adds, "I did identify eye of newt as one of the ingredients, but, one suspects, added chiefly for taste, rather than kick." Angel summarizes that the Kwaini was high, "and the delivery guy was probably carrying." Since the drug enhances strength, Angel asks what it would do to a demon that's already powerful. "I shudder to think," Wesley replies. Just then Cordy comes down the stairs, wearing a flowery spandex midriff-baring top, a pink jacket, sunglasses, and a blonde wig. She whines about the security system not being turned on. It appears that Cordy has been following the delivery guy. And she wore this outfit so that she'd be less noticeable? She whines about the traffic. She whines about parking. Angel says, "It's not like in the movies, is it?" Cordy says, "No. Fortunately, I am," and uses that as a nonsensical segue into pulling out the video camera she used while trailing the delivery guy. I'm astonished that Cordelia doesn't ask how Angel can afford these gizmos but can't give her a raise. Instead of just telling them what he did, she shows Angel and Wesley some stills of him delivering various innocent parcels. Wow, it's so much more enthralling with visual aides. Then there's a shot of an exotic car place that he spent a long lunch at, and several shots of him outside the shop, all but shouting "Hey, watch me put more mysterious brown packages in my delivery bag!" Anyone care to guess why he didn't put them in his bag while he was inside? Me neither.

Mr. Lockley visits the car shop to tell some baddies about Angel investigating him. He asks what is in the packages, and says, "We agreed that I'd use my department connections to facilitate movement of your untarriffed auto parts. We didn't agree that I'd be removing evidence from crime scenes, or pumping my own daughter for information." Mr. Lockley doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd use the word "facilitate." One of the baddies, who's apparently been on "Felicity," and thereby entered the WB stable never to escape, says they appreciate the "extra lengths" Mr. Lockley has gone to. He pulls out one of those manila envelopes that bad guys always keep their money in. Mr. Lockley takes the envelope and gives the baddies some advice: "Whatever it is you're moving in your little brown packages, dial it down for a while." Glaring at them, he leaves. The baddie who gets to have dialogue turns and asks, "Any instructions on how we should proceed with this Angel person, sir?" A great big demon with a melty plastic face, and eyebrows that make Angel's look dainty, marches out and growls, "Kill him." The baddie protests that doing so might scare off Mr. Lockley. Pleatherface replies, "Kill Lockley too. God, do I have to think of everything around here? Someone give me an adrenal gland!" and marches out again.

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