The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Wesley is arguing that Angel is going "above and beyond the call of duty." As he searches through his desk drawers, Angel says he has to try. Wesley says that Angel's already warned Mr. Lockley once. Angel says, "I already warned him about me, Wesley. Now he needs to understand the real nature of what it is he's working for." Wesley says Mr. Lockley might already know. Angel says he doesn't, and starts digging through Cordy's desk. Wesley says that Mr. Lockley must know that "he's in league with someone who, if not criminal, is certainly unethical -- it's his choice!" As Cordy wanders in, Angel snaps, "Sometimes the price we end up paying for one bad choice isn't commensurate with the offense." Commensurate? Who talks like that? Cordy tells Angel to "talk some sense" into Mr. Lockley, and hands him the car keys, which is apparently what he's been searching for all this time. As Angel exits, Cordy turns on the security system. Immediately a woman's recorded voice announces "Door is open!" as a Kwaini enters. Wesley goes to defend Cordelia, while the voice adds, "Bathroom window is ajar!" Wesley is thrown to the floor, and Cordy smashes a potted plant over the first Kwaini's head while another pops out from the bathroom. After everyone's had a chance to trash the office bit, Angel just happens to return. Isn't that lucky? He holds up the bottle of demon-steroid and says, "Bet you'd like some of this." The Kwaini's follow him toward the elevator, whereupon he tosses it to the floor. While they fight each other for it, he picks one up and tosses it through the window. I hope Angel gets a bulk rate on window replacement. The voice announces, "Window is open." How come sometimes it tells them which window, and sometimes it just says "window?" While Angel throttles the remaining Kwaini, Cordy says, "I'm unplugging it," and goes to disconnect the security system. Angel tells the Kwaini he's choking, "I know you can, so talk!"

As Angel walks along an undetermined hallway, he makes a call on his cell phone: "Kate, it's Angel. Pick up if you're there. If you get this message, get a hold of your father, get him out of his house; he's in danger." Cut to Mr. Lockley opening his door to greet the baddies. He asks what they want, and the baddie who gets to talk says, "It'd be better if we discussed it inside; it concerns your daughter." Angel, still on the phone, gets into his car while telling Kate's answering machine, "He doesn't know what they are, Kate, he won't understand. I'm on my way there now."

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