The Prodigal

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The Prodigal

Angel's dad hammers the shutters closed and then turns in surprise when Angel starts talking to him. Angel leans against a wall as he says, "You're no different then the rest of them, are you, Father? Boarding up the windows, smearing that foul herb in the doorways. You'd think something evil, and vile, and monstrous had taken to terrorizing this village and everyone in it." His father backs around the table as Angel approaches. Dad falls back on the rulebook and insists, "A demon cannot enter a home where it's not welcome! He must be invited!" I don't know if he expected Angel to say, "Oh, my bad, I forgot," and leave, since he clearly is inside, but whatever. Angel says he was invited, and looks toward the front door. His father looks, and sees little Kathy slumped down on the floor. Angel explains, "She thought I returned to her... an angel." Good thing she didn't think he was a ghost, or he'd have an even sillier name now. Dad tries to attack Angel, shouting, "Murderer!" and is thrown to the floor. Angel says, "Strange. Somehow, you seemed taller when I was alive. To think I ever let such a tiny, trembling thing make me feel the way you did." Dad crosses himself and begins to pray. Angel goes on whining about how his dad was so mean: "You said I'd never amount to anything. You were wrong." Angel vamps out and concludes, "You see father, I have made something of myself after all," and sinks his teeth into the parental jugular as the blipvert starts. The actor playing his dad is good at looking horrified.

Mr. Lockley offers the baddies a drink. "We'll wait," says the baddie who can talk, while Mr. Lockley heads for the liquor shelf. The baddie asks if Mr. Lockley has mentioned them to Kate. He says he hasn't as he pours himself a drink. The baddie explains that Kate might not share his "pragmatism." Mr. Lockley says gruffly, "You mean, you were afraid she wasn't crooked like her old man. She's not, and she'll never have to be. I've seen to it." The baddie says he's glad they could help Mr. Lockley provide for his daughter. Mr. Lockley puts the bottle back, and opens a hutch in his bookshelf, where we can see gun sitting, before asking if there's anything else. There's a knock on the door, and the baddie stops advancing as Mr. Lockley stops reaching for the gun. He opens the door, and Angel says, "Mr. Lockley, I need you to invite me in." Just a tip, but that would sound a little less odd if you said, "Can I come in?" Mr. Lockley tells Angel to leave, while the baddie walks up behind him. Angel starts pushing against the invisible barrier blocking him, and again tells Mr. Lockley to ask him in. The baddies vamp out and the non-talking one grabs Mr. Lockley, throwing him across the room while Angel shouts, "No!" The talking baddie leans toward the door and says, "Looks like you're not welcome here, bro." Angel says, "He dies, the very instant his soul leaves his body, I'm through this door, and I kill you both." The slow-mo hits again and Angel can do nothing but watch as the vampires kill Mr. Lockley. Wow, that's pretty awful: cool. Finally, Mr. Lockley is dropped to the floor, and Angel is finally able to run into the room. Breaking off a chair leg, he quickly stakes the non-talking baddie. The remaining baddie runs out through the door, passing Kate as she hurries in. How come everyone hires vampires to be their minions? Do they have their own temp agency? And what do the vampires get out of it? It's not as if they need money; maybe they just get really, really bored, so they start being a flunky for another demon as some kind of hobby.

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