The Ring

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The Ring

Froggy gets his bracelet off and then turns in time to see Angel toss the stick away and turn his back on Trepkos. Froggy's little amphibious heart is, no doubt, warmed by this display of nonviolence. Those of us higher on the evolutionary ladder remain bored to tears. Trepkos jumps up and knees Angel in the back. He does some more slow-motion punching and then stops, fist raised, so that he and Angel can exchange another long, tender look. Trepkos lowers his fist and looks up at the crowd. (I originally typed, "lowers his fish," and I think the show would have been a lot more interesting if that had been an accurate description.) Angel looks at Trepkos again and then collapses. Darin watches the scene for a moment and then finally tells the guards, "Both of them." The guards circle around Trepkos with their cattle prods when Wesley, having made his way through the crowd, points a gun at Darin and says, "Call them off." Darin responds, "Screw you." Then there's a bellow and Froggy and all of the other demons suddenly rush into the arena. While they attack the guards, Darin tries to wrestle the gun away from Wesley. The demons climb the walls of the pit and begin pulling crowd members down into the arena. Froggy uses the key to remove Angel's bracelet. Having finished their melee, the crowd of demons exits as quickly as it entered. Darin finally gets the gun, and is aiming at Wesley when Cordelia uses some unidentifiable metal pole to shove Darin into the pit. He aims at Trepkos and starts yelling at him, but Angel grabs the gun away before Darin can fire. I forsee that they will put one of the bracelets on Darin and then throw him over the red line. They do. However, I did not forsee that they would toss him at Wesley and Cordelia, so that they are showered with bits of Darin-dust. Cordy looks appropriately disgusted. Froggy removes Trepkos' bracelet. Angel starts to leave, but just "happens" to fall over so that Trepkos is forced to help "support" him. Trepkos tells Angel, "It was a good fight." Angel agrees, and keeps leaning on Trepkos as they leave the arena. Then Angel adds, "I could have taken you." I bet they exchange phone numbers backstage.

Cordy and Wesley help Angel walk out of the building, giving a whole new meaning to the term "supporting actor." Cordy tells Angel that they wouldn't have let anything happen to him. As another demon exits behind them, she adds, "Beyond the slavery and the severe beatings and stuff." Angel stops to look at the many demons walking along before them, and says, "I think we did a good thing here tonight." Wesley agrees, "We set the captives free," as some of the demons look back and chortle. Cordelia wonders, "Didn't we set a bunch of demons free?" Angel looks sad as Wesley is forced to admit, "Technically, yes." Ladies and gentlemen, that was the longest shaggy-dog story ever.

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