The Ring

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The Ring

Inside, people are stepping up to the bar. A woman toys with her glass of red wine and, in picking it up, manages to knock a piece of paper off the table. Angel grabs the paper out of the air with the same "swish" noise that his axes and swords emit when he moves them. The paper reads "Amount: $5000; To win: Cribb." The woman takes it back and thanks Angel. He moves on, and enters a large room where people are yelling and cheering. The camera pulls back to reveal a sunken pit in the room's center, where two demons are fighting while everyone watches. While the green demon pummels the orange demon, the crowd chants, "Killing blow! Killing blow!" A guard tosses the green demon a dagger, and he slits the orange demon's throat. The emcee steps into the arena and announces that the winner is Tom Cribb -- demons have first names? He goes on to introduce the next fighter as Val Trepkos, "The menace of Venice." Angel starts looking over his photos of Jack again, and looks up to see the man himself walking away through some curtains. Angel follows and enters a dark hallway. Suddenly a spotlight blinds him, Jack steps out to say, "You made it. Most don't." Darin, his bruises gone, steps up and warns Jack to be careful. "You set me up," Angel notes. Jack steps closer and asks if he can have a look at Angel's teeth, saying "Teeth tell a lot about the bones." Angel tosses Jack aside, and then some other men step in with cattle prods or something and Angel falls to the ground, unconscious. Jack says that Angel will be "a crowd-pleaser." At least till he wakes up and starts talking again.

The next day, Angel awakes in a cell. For reasons known only to the sadistic scriptwriters, they've taken away his shirt and jacket so he's wearing only a white T-shirt. And he's got a new metal bracelet, which he's unable to remove. In the background we can see other cells, with other prisoners, a central area, and a thick red line painted on the floor. Angel starts spouting quips at his cellmate, who does not respond, possibly because all of the prosthetic makeup keeps him from opening his mouth. Angel tries to communicate in Spanish, Russian, and Italian before giving up. Then Jack enters and starts talking to the Angel and the rest of the Differently Human prisoners. As the cell doors slide open, Jack says, "There's only one rule here, and it's real simple so you demons can remember." Let me guess -- does it involve not talking about something? Angel starts toward Jack, but before he reaches the red line Jack says, "Stay inside the red. That wristband will make sure you do." Jack goes on to explain that the bracelet is removed after a demon's twenty-first kill in the arena. Angel says he won't kill anyone. Because he's not the kind of guy who runs around killing demons. Right.

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