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The Ring

I spent at least half of the show on the phone with Johanna, because that was really the only way I could retain my tenuous grip on sanity. This scene will demonstrate why. Jack enters and jabbers away at Angel about something unimportant. Angel stands just inches from the red line on the ground. Jack approaches until he is just barely on the "safe" side of the line. Johanna pointed out that, since the bracelet triggers disintegration, the prisoners could presumably step across the red line as long as they kept their braceleted wrist on the other side. Upon realizing she was correct, I pounded my forehead against the wall some more and had visions of Angel teaching all of the other demons to do the hokey pokey. Then I speculated that Angel would reach out with his unbracleted arm and grab Jack. Johanna said he wouldn't, he'd just lure Jack a little closer to the line and then grab him, because that would be much more stupid. Turns out Johanna was closer to being right.

Angel reaches out so that his bracelet is exactly above the line, and beginning to shoot off sparks, and grabs Jack by the throat. Then he pulls Jack across and into the demon zone. What an incredibly stupid security system. What incredibly stupid bad guys. Where's my beer? While the guards look on helplessly, and I roll my eyes until I'm dizzy, Angel demands to know how he can get the bracelet off. He asks the other demons to search Jack's pockets for a key, but they join the guards in taking a passive role. Angel shouts at the guards to go get Darin, and they do, as if it never would have occurred to them to do that without Angel's advice. These idiots all deserve each other. Angel asks Jack, "How does it feel to be a slave?" Over on NBC, Rutger Hauer takes a break from The Tenth Kingdom to shout something about how it's quite an experience to live in fear, and that's what it is to be a slave. Angel says he'll release Jack when Darin lets all of the prisoners go. Darin asks, "Who do you think you are, Moses?" Heh. Angel says he's "someone you'll listen to if you want your brother back alive." At which point I begin telling Johanna that Darin will shoot Jack. Angel reminds Darin, "He's your brother." Darin shoots Jack, saying, "Now he's my dead brother." Guards rush in a zap Angel with cattle prods until he falls unconscious. I wish I had a cattle prod.

When Angel awakes, he's got his jacket on over his blood-stained T-shirt, which is a slight improvement. He's in an office with the red-wine drinking lady, and a couple of guards. The woman introduces herself as Lilah Morgan. Did anyone not know she works for Wolfram & Hart at this point? Even Angel manages to guess that. She says, "I convinced MacNamera to sell your contract to the partners." She tells Angel he's free. Angel says, "As long as I pretend it never happened. That MacNamera and his circus don't exist. That is the deal, isn't it?" Lilah says there are a lot of people Angel can help. Angel clarifies that he'll be expected to avoid interfering in cases where Wolfram & Hart are involved. Lilah claims this is Angel's only chance to survive. Angel turns and tells the guards to take him back to the blipvert. If Angel had agreed to Lilah's deal, is there some way they could have actually held him to it? Once he's free, what can they do? Sue? I'm sure they explained all that, and I missed it because I was too busy playing with my home trepanning kit.

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