The Trial

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The Trial

In her hotel room, Darla takes off her gold cross and neatly sets it on the dresser. By the ashtray. She has a smoking room. Why? Because she's evil. She starts applying lipstick, but what she really needs is a comb. I guess this is a subtle indicator that she's at the split-end of her rope. She puts the lipstick on heavily, then looks into the mirror, grabs a tissue, and wipes it off. She seems to have forgotten all those important whore make-up tricks she learned back in Virginia. There's a knock at the door. It's Lindsey, fresh from the barber, thank God. "You're a hard one to find," he says. Credits.

Darla's at the Wolfram & Hart building, trying to out-pale and out-wan Kate's appearance last week. She, Lindsey, and a guard are all sitting around uncomfortably. Lindsey finally thanks her for coming, and Darla asks whether she had a choice. Enter Holland, who says, "Of course." Holland dismisses the guard, and says that they wouldn't force Darla do to anything against her will. Darla imitates a sulky teen by complaining that she didn't ask to be reborn. And so on and so forth; finally she asks whether they want her to go back to Angel. Lindsey looks pained. It looks like he let his baby sister cut his bangs for him. The scary part is that this is still an improvement over the way he looked last time. Darla goes on to say there's nothing between her and Angel anymore. Holland says that this isn't about Angel: "You aren't our prisoner, Darla. You are, however, our moral responsibility." He hands her a file and says, "No doubt, you remember very little of your first few weeks with us. No one ever really remembers their first days of life. But that's when these were initiated." Oh, please, let's ban all varieties of the world "initiate" and "initiative" from Buffy and Angel. Too many bad memories. Darla flips through the file and, stricken, asks Lindsey if he knew about its contents. Lindsey says nothing. Holland says that they are prepared to "deal with the situation any way [she sees] fit."

Gunn pokes around in Darla's motel room and tells Angel, who's lurking outside the door, that Darla isn't there. Angel says that she was recently, because he can still smell her, and steps inside. Gunn calls Angel "bro" again as he starts to ask how he was able to enter. Angel says, "Public accommodation. She doesn't live here." Mmmmmokay...Gunn notices the cross and says, "Looks like maybe she was expecting company, in the form of you." Lots of conversation belaboring the point that this is not a nice place, and that it's not in a nice part of town. Angel sums up by saying, "When you're desperate, you do what you have to do."

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