The Trial

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The Trial

After the ads, Hurt apologizes for Angel's suffering. He offers Angel a chance to pray if he's so inclined. From the green room, Darla whispers, "Don't do this." Then Hurt suddenly declares that Angel has a choice: he can accept his death so that Darla survives, or he can leave. See, Hurt is just like Mr. Roarke. Angel asks what happens to Darla if he quits before Final Jeopardy. "She dies," Hurt says. Angel's having none of that. Hurt decides that this would be a good time to delve. He asks, "Isn't the world a better place with you in it? You can save so many people. It seems she can barely save herself." Darla cries. Hurt points out that even if Darla lives, "how long will it be before she stumbles, before she falls?" Angel doesn't know. Hurt again asks if Angel wants to give up his life for Darla's. Angel does. Hurt backs off, the stakes retract, Darla moans, and kerblam!

Darla screams and closes her eyes. Then she opens them to see Angel standing before her. Then she screams again. Then she realizes his chest is safely covered, and calms down. Hurt unnecessarily says that Angel has passed the final test "by accepting death." Angel tells Hurt to pay up. Hurt starts congratulating Darla on how a new life awaits her in the off-world colonies, a golden chance to begin again...or something like that, anyway. Angel tells Hurt, "Unless this fortune-cookie crap is some new kind of torture, what do you say we just get on with it, huh?" Hurt looks a bit upset by the harsh language, but places his hands on Darla's head and emits mysterious music. After a minute he stops and says, "This is very embarrassing." He says that Darla has already been given new life once before, and so he can't help. Angel says that Darla earned a second chance. Hurt says, "She's already living her second chance." A wall fades away, revealing a stairway up. Hurt says, "Perhaps you should have told us she was brought to life before this all started. I truly am sorry, sir. The fact of the matter is, there's nothing I can do." And away he fades. Angel glares at nothing. Darla looks wiped out. Angel lashes out, attacking the table and overturning all the food. A goblin rushes forward, shouting, "No one messes with the buffet table!" Angel punches the goblin, and goes on fighting and smashing stuff for a while. He winds up by smashing his fist into a pillar before collapsing to the floor as the soundtrack takes over.

At Darla's hotel room, Darla and Angel sit in the dark. Angel speculates, "Maybe it would be different. We don't know. Maybe, because, you know, I have a soul...if I did bite you..." Darla tells Angel that she saw everything he went through, and that she felt how much he cares. "The way no one ever cared before. Not for me. That's all I need from you." Personally, I think that Angel's attack on the buffet table reminded her of how he did pretty much the same thing at the bar where she first saw him. Only that time they both thought it was funny. Angel asks how "the powers that allow you to be brought back [can] dangle a second chance and then take it away like this." Er, because they're evil powers, Angel. Remember? Wolfram & Hart? Vocah? They're evil. Darla says maybe this is her second chance: "To die. The way I was supposed to die in the first place." Angel gets teary and goes over to Darla. Look, Ma, he's emoting. He says he won't leave her: "Every moment that you have left, I'm gonna be by your side. You're never gonna be alone again." Darla hides her head on his shoulder and makes snuffling noises at the idea that her last days on earth will be spent in Angel's company. And then blammo, the door bursts open. Mysterious men rush in and zap Angel with one of those little electric shock gizmos that made such an impression on Selina Kyle. While they're duct-taping Angel's hands behind his back, two other men grab Darla. Lindsey struts in, grabs Angel by the hair and asks, "How'd you think this would end?" Lindsey looks out the door, and in walks Drusilla, in dramatic slowish motion. My god, she has the longest neck in the world. I never noticed that before. And she seems to have borrowed one of Darla's red dresses. Oddly, no one says a thing as Dru vamps out, grabs Darla's head, and sinks her fangs in. With Angel's hands bound, he is unable to high-five Lindsey and say, "Hey, check it out: two chicks! Alllll riiiiight!" Dru lets Darla fall back onto the bed and slices open a bit of her chest, then lifts Darla up to drink. Dru looks at Angel, and we fade to black while the violins shriek.

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