There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

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There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

The gang step into the Hyperion's courtyard. I didn't know that it had a gate. I'm not sure I knew that it had a courtyard. At least, not one that looked so very much like the one Angel used to have outside his mysterious mansion in Sunnydale. Anyone want to venture a guess as to how they got the Angelmobile out of Caritas, by the way? Or will it stay there, and Cary will incorporate the car into his remodeling so that it ends up looking more like Jackrabbit Slim's? He does already have a certain Tarantino vibe happening. As they reach the main doors into the lobby, Angel rushes up and says, "Can I say it? I wanna say it!" He opens the doors and steps inside as he says, "There's no place like --" Angel stops short as he spots Willow sitting on a couch. So she's the one who's been telepathically interrupting all of their lines! And hey, didn't they even lock the doors while they were gone? Cordy looks puzzled and asks, "What's..." What's stopping everyone from completing their sentences? I don't know. Willow stands up and oozes sadness at them, until Angel blinks and says, "It's Buffy." Buffy's interrupting their dialogue? Oh, wait, he means that other thing Buffy did. Across town, Cary starts humming a cheerful ditty the munchkins sang, once upon a time.

Next season, Angel will undoubtedly have yet another blonde ex coming back from the dead to torment us all. In the meantime, I'm gonna watch "Reunion" and "Reprise" and think about what might have been.

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