There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

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There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Cordy, dressed in Marelda's clothes, enters a dark cell containing a pile of body parts. She looks around, spots the limbs, and drops the bucket she's carrying in surprise. Cary, from the bucket, ouches. Cordy picks Cary up by his hair and gives him a view of the carnage. Cary begins moaning as he spots a familiar red suit in the pile. Cordy says that looks like Cary's suit, and he snaps, "It is my suit; you think they have French Viscose in this hellhole?" He moans, "I'm looking at pieces of myself; it's over." Then he looks more closely at a severed leg, and asks, "Wait a second -- since when do I have five toes?" This episode did get some extra points for funny lines. It also lost a bunch for character development, of course. Cordy hears someone approaching, and hides in an corner as she whispers to Cary, "Do you mind if I hit him over the head with you?" Cary insists that he would. The mysterious figure enters, and turns out to be Groosy. Cary calls him "Groo," and there is some speculation that this is a shout-out to a Sergio Aragones comic that I never knew existed. So I have no opinion on the matter, but you can debate it at your next cocktail party. Groosy tells Cordy that he did a terrible thing: he stole Cary's body and put his suit on a different corpse to fool the Trombli. Cordy throws her arms around Groosy in a big hug, and Cary's head slams into Groosy's ass. A robotic Cary-head moves its mouth at random as Cary says, "Feels like somebody works out." Zaphod Beeblebrox's second head was more convincing. I feel bad that the FX folks had to make a robotic head for that one shot, when they clearly don't have any money. Honest, I wouldn't have minded if they'd given up and spent the money on pretzels instead. Cary asks where his body is, and Groosy says that it's at the Krevlornswath homestead. Groosy says, "Your cousin Landok is to meet us at the Eastern Watchtower. He will transport you home." Cordy embraces Groosy again, this time managing to bonk Cary's head into a wall in the process.

Scarlet is arguing strategy with the other rebels as Wesley and Gunn return. Wesley advises, "You cannot wage a frontal attack against a stronger opponent. This kind of battle can only be won through guerilla warfare." The rebels look confused until Wesley clarifies, "By being sneaky." Scarlet likes the idea, and says that Wesley should lead them into battle. Wesley demurs, but Scarlet hands him a sword (still bloody -- these rebels don't know how to care for their weapons) and the rebels begin chanting, "Hail to our new leader!" Wesley asks Gunn, "Why do people keep putting me in charge of things?" Poor Gunn replies, "I have no idea." Me neither. Is it the shoes? Maybe it's the shoes.

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