There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

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There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Angel finishes bandaging Fred's arm and reluctantly says it's time for him to go. Fred looks up at him with her giant eyes and says, "I know. You're a good man." Angel heads for the exit, and Fred sits down in a corner and listens to the flute of loneliness for a minute. Then Angel clambers back inside and tells her, "I don't actually know how to get there." Fred stands up and cheerfully says, "Oh! I can show you." And off they go. Heh. Problem solved.

In the throne room, Cordy has changed back into her swimsuit, but still bears no resemblance to Annette Funicello. Groosy tells her that he will "spend eternity burning in Tarkna" for disobeying the Trombli. Cordy pshaws, "Oh, who believes in literal Tarkna nowadays?" Cordy explains to Groosy that the Trombli are evil, but Groosy's not the type to question authority. I doubt that Groosy is the type to question anything, actually. He'd probably work for a mysterious government operation for years without ever noticing that his boss is creating a horrible monster that will destroy the writers' ability to learn from their mistakes. Just as a hypothetical example. Cordy tells Groosy that he's a hero, and Groosy says he's "unworthy of lifting [Cordy's] burden." After some bootyesque confusion about the wedding night, Groosy explains that, after they boink, Groosy will become the lucky bearer of Cordy's visions. Cordy inexplicably complains, "You can't take my visions! I need them -- they are the lame pretext by which we get the episodes started!" Or something like that. Groosy says that he'll use the visions to battle the forces of evil, but Cordy continues to insist that she needs them more, and that she likes them, despite the pain they cause, and not only am I skeptical about Cordelia's newfound love for the visions, but I think they're a really annoying contrivance that would be better done away with, because they lead to more questions than they answer. The Found Boys could generate stories, and goodness knows it would be nice for Gunn to have a reason to show up at the studio. Angel and Wesley and Cary all seem to have demon connections. So why keep the inexplicably mysterious visions from the Powers That Be, who, for all their magical powers, still use a system of communication that is only marginally more efficient than smoke signals? Just to prove the point, Cordy's whiny insistence on keeping her visions is interrupted by a vision of Groosy battling with Angel in full vampire-mode. Cordy doesn't recognize Angel, of course, and so she's terribly worried that some mysterious monster will, at some point in the future, attack her new hero. Does this vision have any effect on the plot, or on anyone's behavior in the rest of the episode? Well, Cordy worries about Groosy. Which she might have done anyway, if that matters at all. See what I mean?

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