Through The Looking Glass

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Through The Looking Glass

Props to AndrewD and georgevna.

Previously on Angel, lots of things happened, most of which made very little sense. Eventually the plot holes were so gigantic that the characters and the story fell through them into another world. As for the story's entertainment value so far, let's just say, "Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end?" Let's find out.

We begin right where we left off, with Angel, Gunn, Wesley, and their captors staring up at Cordelia's spangles. Everyone gasps. Well, everyone with a speaking role gasps. Angel says, "You'" Cordy nonchalantly explains, "They made me ruler." Wesley asks Cordy to order their release. The demon-at-arms, in turn, asks, "Shall we gut the cows now, that you might dine on their ignoble flesh, oh Most High?" Cordelia even has Princess Ardala's old eye shadow, unfortunately for her. Cordy nixes the demon-at-arms' suggestion, but suggests that her pals might want to take this opportunity for "some extended groveling." Angel isn't amused. Cordelia sighs and dramatically says, "Off with their heads!" The guards pull out their swords, the boys make scared faces, and then Cordy giggles, "Kidding!" The plinky-plink of wackiness takes us to the credits.

The horn section in my head plays "The Stripper" as Cordelia descends from her throne., the demon-at-arms advises her against freeing the "dangerous criminals." Cordy asks if she's going to have to use her "important voice," and finally shouts, "Leave us!" at the guards. Her important voice sounds more like the voice of a peevish teenager. But that's essentially what she is, so that's all right. The guards exit, along with the slavish attendants. Attentive slaves. Whichever. The boys turn to look at Cordy, who giggles and stretches out her arms; they race past her and help themselves to the platters of food. Angel stays behind, figuring there aren't any bags of blood in the buffet. He asks Cordy what happened, and she explains, "They jabbed me with hot pokers for a while and then made me a princess." Wesley says that it doesn't make sense to treat humans as slaves and then make a human the ruler. Cary gets an "Ah ha!" expression and asks, "You had a vision, didn't ya puddin'?" Cordy admits that she did, and then Cary starts to explain that there's a prophecy involved. Angel interrupts, "A prophecy. Great. 'Cause those always go well." That's an odd thing for Mr. Shanshu to say. Cary lounges on the throne and expositions that Pylea has been ruled by a group of priests called the Covenant of the Trombli. The Trombli "teach of a coming messiah, the Cursed One. A being with the Pure Sight who will one day claim the throne and restore the monarchy." And he didn't think this was worth mentioning during the 24 hours that they spent killing time in the last episode? Gunn cracks up and asks, "She's the messiah?" Wesley says that as long as the Trombli think Cordy's a messiah, the MoG might be able to stay alive long enough to get home. Cordy asks how the boys got to Pylea, and Gunn explains that they used the same book. Wesley adds, "But we seem to have misplaced it." Cordy asks, "The portal or the book?" and Gunn admits, "Both." What did I say about marking the spot where you came in, guys? Cordy takes this show of incompetence calmly, and mentions that "those Trombonal guys" have some books of their own. And the reason she thinks that the Trombli's books might also contain portal-opening magic spells is... =nope. No reason. Oh, unless they figure that someone must have sent the Drokken that started this mess. I really hope that gets explained at some point. Wesley says he has to see the Tromblibrary, causing Cordy to sniff, "In kind of a hurry to get back to the Cordelia's-not-a-princess-dimension, aren't ya?" Gunn says that even if they find the right book, they still need to find a "hot spot," since they were so very stupid and didn't mark the spot where they arrived. I'm sure I'll overcome my bitterness about this eventually. Wesley starts to ask Angel a question, and then turns as they all notice that Angel is staring at his reflection in a mirror. Cordy gasps, and they all rush over.

Angel fusses with his hair in the foreground, while behind him Wesley and Gunn explain to Cordy that, in Pylea, Angel can cast a reflection and walk in the sun. Angel continues trying to flatten his hair as he nervously asks, "This is because of going through the portal, right?" Cordy assures him, "No, it always looks like that." Angel finally turns toward them as Wesley suggests that Angel and Cary look for "portal activity" while the rest of them look for a magic book. Angel shakes his head and says, "I don't get it." Wesley tries to explain again, but Angel turns back to the mirror and clarifies, "No, I mean why didn't anybody tell me about this?" He sounds truly sad, as he goes back to fussing with his hair. Cordy lies, "You look good," and walks off, while Angel wonders, "You're not just saying that?" Wesley pulls Angel away from the mirror and shoves him toward the door, suggesting that they try asking Cary's cousin Landok for information. While Wesley gives his instructions, Angel continues trying to see his reflection over Wesley's shoulder. Hee. Cary whines about having to talk to his family, and Wesley points out that it's either that or never getting back to earth. Cary sighs dramatically and tells Angel, "Come on, gorgeous. You can stare at yourself in my grandmother's glass eye." Johanna reports that this is her second favorite line ever on Angel. Number one is still Gunn's "Three-fifths of the world covered in water, the rest covered in me!" Cary reminds Angel to call him "Lorne," since in his world, "a host is just one more thing to lay your eggs in." Angel asks if they can stop to get his coat, providing some helpful continuity since he has it in later scenes. As they leave, Wesley asks if Cordy can get them access to the Tromblibrary, and she smiles, "Am I not the princess?"

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