Through The Looking Glass

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Through The Looking Glass

Fred fills a pot with water and carries it over to Mr. Twitch. Angel's progressed to just the occasional spasm. And no wonder; I'm sure shaking like that for hours would be tiring. Fred dabs a wet rag on the back of his neck, which doesn't seem like it would be particularly soothing. It would probably be better to pour the water on him, since he normally tries to run out into the rain when he's feeling twitchy. I assume that improves the recovery time somehow. Fred tells him, "You don't have to talk. I'm used to it." Angel whispers, "They saw it. They looked right at it." Fred asks what they saw, and Angel sniffles, "The monster. They saw what I really am. I can't go back now. Not now. I can never go back." Fred looks around at her cave and suggests, "You could stay here."

In the throne room, Cordy and Groosy are lying on the floor, writing proclamations. Nothing sets the mood like royal fiat. Cordy says, "This one will free the slaves and outlaw polyester. I know it hasn't actually been invented here yet, but I'm a forward-thinking monarch." Enik and another priest enter with a table and covered platter. Enik tells Groosy, "Get out, cow." Groosy heads for the door. Cordy protests, but Enik doesn't care. Cordy starts getting her attitude on, and tells Enik that she's made proclamations. Enik grabs her and growls, "Foolish girl." He goes on, "The Powers have seen fit to place their gift in you. But let us be clear: you have no authority here." He says that she and Groosy are tools of the Covenant, and will do whatever they're ordered to do. "If we tell you to mate, than you shall mate." Cordy tries to interrupt, and Enik shouts, "And if we say 'silence,' you shut your cow mouth!" Cordy folds her arms and gets all Dirty Harry as she says, "Pardon me?" Enik replies, "Don't you feel you've done enough pardoning for one day?" Enik lifts the lid off the platter and reveals Cary's severed head.

Next week, the season finale. Cordy has more Trombli-trouble, and Angel engages in beastly behavior and then says, "I'm not an animal," which cracks me up.

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