Through The Looking Glass

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Through The Looking Glass

Cary looks nervous as the rest of his family chants, "Swing the crebbil!" and Angel is carried toward the platform in the town square. Fred is also being carried around by demons, although she doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much as Angel is. Angel is placed on the platform and handed an axe. Landok tells him, "Strike quickly and true, Angel. Then we can eat." Angel looks down to see Fred kneeling over a chopping block. Angel looks puzzled, so luckily there's a commercial break to give him time to figure this out. When we return, Mom's bored enough to clear things up by shouting, "Sever the cow's head from its body!" Fred begs Angel to make it quick. Angel rather sadly pulls off his cape and necklace and whines, "You want me to kill her?" Landok asks, "Will you not swing the crebbil?" Angel grabs Fred and takes a defensive posture with the axe, saying, "Only if you force me to." The crowd isn't pleased, and Angel tells Fred, "We're gonna back up, nice and slow, and these good folks are...probably gonna kill us!" Landok rushes the stage and pulls the axe away before Angel can push him back, and then two more demons hurry up. I suddenly notice that one of the demons seems to be holding a wooden television antenna. And I thought it sucked to make do with basic cable. From the middle of the mob, Cary shouts, "Stop!" Everyone does for a second, and then Cary continues by singing, "In the naaaame of love!" The other demons cover their ears and squeal in distress and Cary continues to sing a cappella. I totally called this last week! In the sense of thinking it should happen, but not really believing it would. So, hooray! Angel picks up Fred and hurries away while Cary sings. Mom wails, "It burns! It burns!" and falls to the ground. Hee! Angel, having untied Fred, hops onto a horse. Fred swings up behind him as a soldier's chariot approaches. Cary sees the chariot coming up, and a soldier leaning out with a weapon I can't identify. The chariot rolls past to the platform, and Cary manages to say, "Shii--" before he's knocked down by the soldier. Which is odd, since a moment ago there were a dozen villagers collapsed all around the platform. Yet this didn't prevent the chariot from getting within an arm's length of Cary. Clearly, the lack of cable television is balanced out by tremendous gains in independent suspension technology.

Gunn, Wesley, and Cordy sneak through the castle halls. Cordy's arms are full of jewels and crowns and other sparkly things. As Gunn and Wesley find a trapdoor and begin to pry it open, Cordy gets a little monologue to establish that she, like the audience, is getting a bit tired of demon-impregnation as a plot device. She asks, "What is it about me, anyway? Do I put out some kind of 'Com-Shuk-me' vibe?" The trap door finally opens to reveal swirling brackish goo under the floor. Wesley says that the sewage system will take them outside the castle. I thought castles were required to have secret passages and stuff. Or am I getting my gothic castles confused with my fairy-tale castles? Cordy whines, "Why can't we use the front door?" Gunn snaps, "Do you really think you'd be able to get your booty out the front door?" Cordy looks hurt until Gunn explains that he's referring to her armload of treasure. Heh. Gunn climbs into the sewer, groaning in disgust. Wesley kneels to help Cordy down, but she makes a face and says, "You first," and she's just adorable. It's really wrong that Cordelia's princess outfit seems less freakish than her normal clothes, isn't it? Speaking of odd wardrobe decisions, Wesley tosses his sweater over his shoulder and descends into the sewer. If, for some reason, I had to descend into a demonic sewer, I'd want as many layers of clothing between me and the muck as possible. One of Cordy's treasures drops onto the floor, and she hobbles over to pick it up without dropping more. She kneels down, and then looks up at Enik, who's entered with some guards. Enik says, "Someone must speak to the servants about leaving that door open." Cordy makes a face and agrees that "it's kinda whiffy in here." She explains her armful of loot by saying that she planning to get it appraised. Enik says that the Groosalugg is approaching. Cordy's face goes blank as she says, "Oh, good."

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