Through The Looking Glass

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Through The Looking Glass

Outside, Wesley climbs out of the sewer, and we discover that he was using the sweater to cover his mouth and nose. Oh, okay, that makes sense. I take it back. Wesley tells Gunn that Cordy didn't make it out with them, and suggests that they look for Angel.

Angel and Fred ride up into the hills. I'm betting that Angel feels okay about trading his demonic fan club in for a human damsel in distress. On the other hand, he's probably upset about leaving his coat back at Mom's. I wonder if Angel will insist on rescuing his jacket before they leave Pylea. That would be amusing, unless it means that they'll still be in Pylea next season, because I've had about enough of this. Angel and Fred dismount as Angel says, "I don't think we've been followed. We should probably stay on foot, in case they try to track us down." Angel practically has to shove the horse out of the frame, which entertains me. However, I'm not entertained enough to ignore that Angel's still a victim of Pylean story logic. It's better to remain on foot, rather than keep the horse, in case anyone tries to follow them. Er, because they'll be faster on foot? I suppose it might be marginally easier to follow a horse's tracks, but you'd think that in his travels with Darla, Angel would've learned how to throw off a posse. Fine, whatever. Fred stares at Angel with wonder as he asks if she's okay. She presses a hand to her head and says, "Handsome man. Saved me from the monsters." Repeat after me: Fred's crazy. Angel looks as confused as the rest of us are, and Fred suddenly looks scared and says, "Baaaah," before running away. I think that's meant to be, "Bye." Or else she's doing a sheep impression. Angel waits a second before hurrying after her.

Flutes and guitars do a generic fairy-tale riff as Angel follows Fred to a cave in the woods. Inside, Fred grabs her cat's-eye glasses and a lump of chalk. Angel looks around at the walls, which are covered in mysterious notes, and says, "Hey. Great place." He even sounds sincere, but then he's probably seen a lot of gloomy caves in his time. As Angel insists that Fred doesn't have to be afraid of him, we see his reflection in a pool of water. The first time I saw this, it bugged me a lot, because it seemed overly artsy and the camera stayed there much too long and really, we got the bit about his reflection quite a while ago. In retrospect, it makes a bit more sense, but it's still too long and anvilly. Especially since we see it again a moment later, to better effect, as Angel tells Fred, "I would never --" and then spots the reflection and smiles down at it before concluding, "-- hurt you," in a satisfied tone of voice. Angel asks why Fred won't talk to him. Fred speechifies: "Because you're not real. Or I'm not real. Somebody here isn't real, and I suspect it's you. So if you're not real, then that means that my head came off back there and I'm dead now. Dead. And with me being dead and you being not-real I can hardly be expected to have some big conversation with you at the moment because it's just a little too much pressure, all right?" Angel agrees, and pokes around a bit, finding Fred's driver's license. Angel reads, "Winifred?" Fred hurries over and grabs the license away as Angel exclaims, "You're that girl from Cordy's vision!" Fred babbles about her dreams of another world, and Angel insists that earth is real, not a dream. She asks, "It's not? And my head's still on?" Angel pushes her glasses back up on her nose. Fred giggles, having lost all concept of personal space. After a moment, she backs away and whimpers that she doesn't want Angel to be real. Angel asks why, and she says, "Because you're nice, and you saved me, and bad things will happen to you here. Bad things always happen here." Angel assures her that it'll be okay, and that he and his friends will take her home. Fred says that there's no way to go back. Angel says the magic word "portal," and Fred starts babbling about "that other girl" who fell into Pylea. Angel figures it out, and says, "Oh, Cordy! She's fine. They made her a princess." Angel says this with a wonderfully matter-of-fact air. Fred stops and stares at him, puzzled. Finally she responds, "They...really? Oh. When I got here, they, they didn't do that." She hesitates for a minute, and I giggle and speak for Fred: "How nice for her." Then Fred says all Church-Lady, "Well, that's nice for her." Bwa!

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