Time Bomb

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The Big Time

Props to Scade and CptBitterness.

In suburb-hell, the demon looms over Gunn. Gunn moans, "Please -- what did I do?" as the demon picks up a knife. Oh, poor Gunn. Suddenly the house shakes, and there are crashing noises upstairs. The basement door is kicked down, and Illyria descends the stairs. The demon moves to attack her, but she easily knocks him into a wall. You know, I was just chatting with someone about how tired we are of seeing people get tossed into walls on this show. I realize that they often need to do something that looks impressive but won't actually kill someone, but knocking people into walls has lost impact. So to speak. Illyria pulls the necklace off Gunn, who sits up and mutters to himself until he remembers his name. Then he looks at Illyria and says, "Fred? You look terrible." She hauls him off the table, and he remembers: "Illyria." She tells him to move, but Gunn explains that he can't leave unless someone else puts the necklace on. The demon runs at Illyria, who eyes the necklace and then does a questioning head-tilt. She's been hanging around Spicule too much.

Cut to the necklace, hanging around the demon's neck. He lies on the table, raises the knife above his chest, plunges it down, and screams. Heh.

Wesley's office. Wesley dully tells Angel that he had been telling Illyria why they hadn't been able to rescue Gunn. He concludes, "She nodded, created a portal, and disappeared." Angel grumbles, "So she's just -- what, helping you out? She's your little...helper!" Heh. Angel needs a thesaurus. Angel wonders why Illyria would do this, and Wesley mutters that Illyria's a god and all godlike with the goditude and stuff. Angel frets that Illyria is hanging around because she realizes that Wolfram & Hart is powerful, and she wants to regain her throne. Wesley wants to find some way to "integrate" Illyria, if you know what he means. Angel scoffs at the idea of Illyria's joining the MoG. Right on cue, a portal opens, and Illyria steps out with Gunn. She immediately raises Gunn up by the neck and says, "This...thing." Angel steps forward threateningly while Wesley tries to soothe her. Illyria asks, "It holds value?" Wesley quickly agrees, and tells Illyria that they owe her a debt for rescuing Gunn. Illyria drops Gunn to the floor and agrees, and then exits. Angel harrumphs, "Go team."

Credits. I tell Johanna that Wesley sure is muttery. Johanna wants to know who's responsible for Angel's horrible new haircut. Granted, the poofy long hair was odd, but at least it was in proportion to his head. I suggest that Harmony does his hair. Which might explain why he's so irritated with her sometimes.

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