Time Bomb

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The Big Time

Some time later, Wesley and Angel are in the observation room. Illyria's still collapsed on the floor. And still being quiet. Hooray! Wesley says that Illyria can't alter time or open portals anymore, but she's still pretty powerful. Angel says, "I don't like where this is going. I don't like where this has been." Wesley says that he's not in love with Illyria, and then adds, "But for some reason, I just need it right now." Angel sighs, "Yeah, that's just weird." Wesley concedes the point, and notes that Illyria probably won't ever stop trying to take over the world. And yet Wesley doesn't want to kill her. Because he's a loon. But that's been established, so okay. Angel mutters, "Serve no master but your ambition," and admits that Illyria might be a useful resource.

Amanda sits alone in the conference room while listening to Gunn arguing with the demons out in the lobby. We pan past Gunn, and see Hamilton trying to soothe other members of the Brethren. Angel steps off the elevator, and Hamilton waves the angry demons in his direction. Angel walks over to Gunn, who is shouting that they can protect Amanda. Angel says, "The baby belongs to the Fell." Gunn protests that Amanda hasn't signed the contract. Angel turns to the Brethren and escorts them back into the conference room. Gunn calls, "Angel, what are you doing?" Angel gives Hamilton a significant look and says, "What we're supposed to. Serve our clients." And then he steps into the conference room and closes the door as the music gets super-dramatic.

Next time: Apparently Angel and Spicule's rivalry "can only end the way it began." With a wacky road trip!

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